Ice-T - 99 Problems (Feat. Brother Marquis)

Home Invasion
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Жанр: Gangsta Rap / West Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Ice-T
Альбом: Home Invasion
Длительность: 04:50
Размер: 11,52 Мб
Рейтинг: 1015
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Ice-T - 99 Problems (Feat. Brother Marquis)

Текст песни "Ice-T - 99 Problems (Feat. Brother Marquis)"

[Ice T] Yeah last year a lot of motherfuckers ask me Why did you no ??? some shit But this year I went to Miami and got my nigger From 2 Live Brother Marquis in the house [Brother Marquis] Yeah I am the motherfuckin nigger [Ice T] Yeah we are goin to answer the questions about girl problems Always nigger has his girl problem Marq [Brother Marquis] Ah tell'em man tell'em [Ice-T] Lemme tell you what time is it... [Ice-T] I got a whore from the east Got a whore from the west Got a whore that likes to jack it off And rubb it in her chest I got a whore from the north A whore from the south A whore that likes to suck at long and hold it in her mouth I got a bitch with hair A bitch with none A bitch with a knife A bitch with a gun A bitch with an ass bigger than the T.V. set And there is a bitch over there Hey the one I am gonna get But yo, maybe not, she might not like me though No sweat to event I sell my sister though, word. I sell the whole damn herd I fuck em all and leave em on the culrve I got a bitch with a mic Who like perfector link Who likes to fuck me with her ass up on the kitchen sink Got a bitch with tits A bitch with ass A bitch with none But hey I give her the best But I love em all I love em crazily And they love me back thats why they stay with me So if you have a girl problem I'll be there for you son Got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one Hit it No a bitch ain't one [Ice-T] I got a bitch thats old A bitch who is new A bitch who likes velvet in the colors blue I got a bitch who is fat A bitch who is built A bitch that all her titties give up her milk I got a bitch who is funny A bitch who ain't A bitch who can sing A bitch who can't A bitch who love fuckin on the airplane I even got a bitch off soul train (not for sure) I got a bitch who is over ragged up pins Long ends I got a bitch who is broke as a bomb But she is the most fun I got a bitch who play piano A bitch who don't A bitch who dances naked A bitch who won't A bitch who's short A bitch who's tall A bitch who burns my pager with priority calls And I love em all I love em crazily And they love me back thats why they stay with me So if you have a girl problem I'll be there for you son Got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one Hit me [Ice-T] Yo Marquis you from Miami man, Why won't you show those motherfuckers all the over the world That 2 Live style of how a bitch is threated Motherfucker a nigger like you [Brother Marquis] I got 99 problems a bitch ain't one I am going not to threat any whores Cause I don't need none of em Push them to temptation Ditch to persuasion All the whores suck cock Nigger how you play em Thats why I don't sleep with em I just freak on em Gig the dick in their mouth Take it out And I sky on them That nigger that white nighter The bitch exciter I only love my whores when I go up inside em Problem number one is gettin money I rather take the green than sit the honey So don't expect none Cause I ain't offering And I go hunting my bitch cause I ain't softening Cause I never never softening Pulling demands on em Fuckin em and scream on them The wham bamb thank you mam The game is ran on em So fuck how you feel You are fuckin cheap thrill I hope you took the pill I won't pay the bill Getting pussy is just another expense Your pussy pays the bills The dick pays the rent I only need a hope from one thing and thats to come I've got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one [Ice-T] Ha! You Marquis my motherfuckin you got problems man ? A bitch ain't one
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