Public Enemy - Nighttrain

Apocalypse 91… The Enemy Strikes Black
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Жанр: Hip-Hop / Hardcore Rap / East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Public Enemy
Альбом: Apocalypse 91… The Enemy Strikes Black
Длительность: 03:27
Размер: 7,93 Мб
Рейтинг: 1617
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: MaxOfMobbDeep
320 Кб/с

Public Enemy - Nighttrain

Текст песни "Public Enemy - Nighttrain"

Land of the free But the skin I'm in identifies me So the people around me Energize me Callin' all aboard this train ride Talkin' 'bout raw hardcore Leavin' frauds on the outside But the bad thing is anyone can ride the train And the reason For that is 'cause we look the same Lookin' all around at my so called friend Light skin to the brown The black Here we go again Homey over there knows Keith an But he be thiefin' I don't trust him Rather bust 'em Up out goes his hand and I cough He once stole from me Yeah I wanna cut it off The black thing is a ride I call the nighttrain It rides the good and the bad We call the monkey trained Trained to attack the black it's true 'Cause some of them look just like you Stayin' on the scene Sittin' on the train See all the faces Look about the same There go the sellout who's takin' a ride like Cargo 'Cause he deal The keys from Key Largo Runnin' Nat narcotic By George he got it Takin' makin' the G erotic And the fiends they scheme So he can put 'em down But his method is wreck 'em Put 'em in tha ground Got tha nerve as hell To yell brother man He ain't black man Cuz he ate his Pac Man Known to murder his own Traitor on the phone Ridin' the train Self-hater trained To sell pain The master's toy Little boy Hard to avoid he look wit' it but he null 'n' void 'Cause he ridin' the train you think he down for the cause 'Cause his face looks just like yours (CL Smooth) The conductor, track the structure overstood Nighttrain the plain, little engine that could One express so let's next stops Mecca A place to face to make a black man better CL and Chuck D, we don't talk rubbage But just like a slave, we gotta ride wit the luggage On the nighttrain More of the same insane who sayin' Like flowin' like nighttrain Runnin' the pain of the black reign You look, you laugh You doubt and go out And I'm gone But the bass goes on To talk the talk, but walk the walk The king of New York Crack a lack attack the black To crack the back Once again I test a friend wit' sincerity Or consider him an enemy Who am I to tell a lie Rather push the Bush Hope da cracker get crushed I'm rollin' wit Rush Leader of the bum rush Russian I ain't Spreadin' like paint Lookin' at the put I got And its kickin' But it ain't chicken But it's livin' for a city So sick 'n' tired Of a scene buckwild, piled in a file Senile or chile They said it never been no worser Than this, I'm on the nighttrain They hope ya don't miss it Give ya what dey gotta give you just go You musn't just put your Trust in every brother yo Some don't give a damn 'Cause they the other man Worse than a bomb Posin' as Uncle Toms Disgracin' the race Blowin' up the whole crew Wit' some of them lookin' Just like you
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