Mystikal - I Smell Smoke

Ghetto Fabulous
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Mystikal
Альбом: Ghetto Fabulous
Длительность: 03:29
Размер: 8,16 Мб
Рейтинг: 522
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: dim568
320 Кб/с

Mystikal - I Smell Smoke

Текст песни "Mystikal - I Smell Smoke"

I'm in the land.. L.A. -- land of the sticky Sup? What ch'all niggaz know bout that purple weed nigga? Show y'all niggaz some shit It's that sticky, that bud Indo, hydro Open up the window, I'm bout to blow! That fire shit Nigga what ch'all, what ch'all got what ch'all got to roll em up? Packwoods? Garcia Vegas? Straight chocolate Phillies? Nigga straight, ?, the Dutches and the Black n Milds? Y'all niggaz don't know nuttin about them Corolas Ha yeah, J.O.B., one point five [Mystikal] Break it up, chop it up, cut it up, tuck the end Take the Phillie out and roll it up! Light it, hit it, hold it, pass Puff puff blow it up! See some of y'all niggaz be talkin about blowin but can't handle the doja Gettin sleepy n shit, quittin all early Bitch you ain't no smoker! Y'all must think used to hittin that dirt the sticks with the brown buds Me, I ain't got shit else to do Nigga I'm bout to get FUCKED UP! Two cases of green, optimal burned away A.M. done turned to P.M. and nighttime done turned back to day I'm, still smo-kin Feelin sporty in my hotel - spent the whole day gettin LOA-DED! It's nothin but smoke til there's nothin to smoke It's nothin but sticky and nothin but doja Disconnect the smoke detector and put a wet towel up under the door! Nobody else probably more dope for me, I got the whole tree Leftovers for me, whoo this bitch off the HEE! Button up cause suck em up is a pet peeve First don't put my light in your pocket Second don't wet my god damn weed!! That's just two, before I could get to three and four five and six, I heard a DUM DUM DUM DUM at the do' Evidence all over, I've been doin somethin serious Gotta hide this shit, cause I know that's hotel security I played it off, I said, "Come back later I ain't got on no clothes" He said, "Sorry sir, I don't mean to disturb ya, but I smell smoke!" Fuck it just went to jail for that shit I ain't goin back I done ate an ounce and I'ma flush the rest Cause I ain't goin out like that! Sprayin cologne and cuttin on the shower Tryin to clear it up Worried like a dog but I gotta open the door Fukkit here go nuthin! The do' swung open and some young nigga talkin bout, "What's happenin?" He said, "I know you got that fire, sell your boy a sack!" Ain't that a bitch! Boy you betta get your bitch ass up outta here Nigga I'd think you the motherfuckin police I done threw all my motherfuckin weed away fuckin with you old bitch ass nigga Nigga, get your motherfuckin hoe ass up outta here Bitch before I stomp your bitch ass The fuck! Boy this nigga done blew my motherfuckin high
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