Ghostface Killah - One (feat. T.M.F.)

Supreme Clientele
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Ghostface Killah
Альбом: Supreme Clientele
Длительность: 03:46
Размер: 8,73 Мб
Рейтинг: 883
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Ghostface Killah - One (feat. T.M.F.)

Текст песни "Ghostface Killah - One (feat. T.M.F.)"

[Intro: Ghostface, (Big Trife)] Yo, yeah {"New Ghostface!"} Yeah, to glorious days {"one"} Yeah God, check it out y'all We back, yes yes y'all {"one"} (Fake roller derbies) Yeah, masked avengers We're here to sharpen your sword {"one"} All praises due to T.M.F., Wu-Tang Clan Scream on it, Ghost [Ghostface] Aiyyo, we at the weedgate, waitin for Jake We want eight ravioli bags, two thirsty villians yelling bellyaches {"one"} Heavyweight rhyme writers hittin the grass Stash the right bitch, pull out his kite from this white bitch {"one"} Talkin bout, "Dear Ghost, you the only nigga I know like when the cops come, you never hide your toast" {"one"} Guests started mashing, CVL, Ice Water battlion Past tense place to gold caskets {"one"} Dru Hill bitches, specialist loungin at the mosk Suede cufy, Rabbi come dig up a dentist {"one"} Rhymes is made of garlic, never in the target when the NARC's hit, rumor is you might start to spit {"one"} You nice Lord, sweet daddy Grace, wind lifted on the dancefloor, mangos is free followed by Ghost {"one"} Dug behind monument cakes, we never half-baked Alaskan, cess-capade, pushin new court dates {"one"} Trauma, hands is like candy canes, lay my balls on ice The branches in my weed be the vein {"one"} Swimsuit issue, darts sent truly from the heart, boo, I miss you See daddy rock a wristful {"one"} Moder-en slave God, graveyard spells, fog your goggles Layin like needles in the hospital {"one"} Five steps to conquer, Ax Vernon debt, big ass whistle Ziploc your ear, here thistle {"one"} [T.M.F. - both] To my real bitches take your drawers off To all my high niggas, snatch her skirt off {"one"} Just in case she wanna play, get up in that bitch face and tell her Ghost said, "Take your clothes off!" {"one"} [Ghostface] Aiyyo, the Devil planted fear inside the black babies Fifty cent sodas in the hood, they goin crazy {"one"} Dead meat placed on the shelves, we eat cold cuts Fast from the heart y'all, and GROW UP {"one"} Aiyyo, crash thru, break the glass, Tony with the goalie mask That's the pass, heavy ice Roley layin on the dash {"one"} Love the grass, cauliflower hurtin when I dumped the trash Sour mash surgeon, heavy glass up at the Wally bash {"one"} Sunsplash, autograph blessin with your name slashed Backdraft, four-pounders screamin with the pearly hats {"one"} Children fix the contrast as the sound clashes Mrs. Dash, sprinkle wit her icicle eyelash {"one"} Ask Cap or Pendergrass for backstage passes Special guest, no more Johnny Blaze, Johnny Mattress {"one"} Acrobat, run up on that Love Jones actress Distract the cat while I'm high sugar get a crack at this {"one"} Dickin down Oprah, jumprope, David Dinkins Watch the Black mayor of DC, hit them open Tangerine sofa, two super soakers in the Rover Hit the sport's bar, tell a young lady to bend over {"one"} Meditated yoga, powder ball, dancin with the vulture Castor Troy layin for Travolta {"one"} Yo, switch the lingo, five-nine-seventy God glow, seven-fifteen, fall be heavenly {"one"} Aiyyo, the Devil planted fear inside the black babies Fifty cent sodas in the hood, they goin crazy {"one"} Dead meat placed on the shelves, we eat cold cuts Fast from the heart y'all, and GROW UP {"one"} [Outro: Ghostface, (Trey-Mack), ] Aiyyo, Wu-Tang Clan, T.M.F. in the motherfuckin joint We all connect as {"one"} (Aw shit, baby) Straight up and down y'all (Staple-town, y'all) Yo, how many girls you gotta fuck, yo? {"one"
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