Ghostface Killah - Malcolm

Supreme Clientele
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Жанр: Hip-Hop / East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Ghostface Killah
Альбом: Supreme Clientele
Длительность: 04:15
Размер: 10,07 Мб
Рейтинг: 715
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Ghostface Killah - Malcolm

Текст песни "Ghostface Killah - Malcolm"

[Ghostface] Ayo I'm like Malcolm out the window with the joint Hoodied up blood in my eye , a lead to fly Like fuck it [2 gunshots] , look how these niggas duck shit One kid hollerin what lookin up , he the big wig Fake ass cat , low life , sodomize mind Beatin niggas , big bricks of bread sellin mad dimes His feet hurt , networkin he get no work Yo smack him where his hand hurt , fuck what he worth Yo he sucked his thumb smooth for the kid laced with the big guns Stain to my Baltimore niggas that he on the run Plus he ill in the drums , heartburn for life , calcium man Watch him grab the Tums , he's a front Pigeon totalist sister with the fat ass Show hash behind up the block plus he smashed her Big Bub did him somethin deadly , act premedidtated Buck 60 strike was the medley Nice like Van Halen , seen him at the tunnel with his skin peelin Did two days thought he was jailin You get close , look at his hands That's the same kid that cut his wrists , talkin bout the cuffs did it He ran away , frontin majorly , eyes like Sammy Davis jr. Rounded off with a fade g , he sport the Bob Hope classics Ran down Asics , Kmart , the short sleeve shit be the basics He eat hams shitted on himself twice , big hatted Jews Rushed the nigga out in Crown Heights [CHORUS:] Yo let me tell you how the game go We gettin rid of all the prostitutes Tony wants the streets back fo sho Too many hustlers , too many thieves We're fuckin up who's willin to fight and teach the c's Too much TV , guns and robberies Lust and greed and hate the 4 devils jealousy [Ghostface] Yo I champunch Mase in his face over some bullshit The other night they kidnapped his brother pokin it with knives It's rainin , 85 degrees kinda muggy One of the nights they thrown in his face it's real ugly Yo we up in Jonesy's posin , all these niggas know me From fuckin wit , under theses niggas heavy parolees Yo we played the speaker And from a distance we could see these chains The P slayed , flat on his chest , was two plains Ashy hands yo , no need for rings at all He just cracked the V8 backed up , leaned against the wall Lookin flower , he just came home , he on like a fuck Did a dime for holdin up the gods up in the armored truck Ten years later son 280 on the weight tip He throwin up six plates plus he studied Matrix He's a wally horse shout it out sweatin through his valor Cock-eyed nigga back up his neck he had shores Sammy eagerly rode up on him , taxi off the turkey with the joint On him Flower look his man stood up before him The bitches hit the table , Jah king stripped off his cables Shots went off , Sam'll get a chance to make his debut Flower grabbed Tiff his man with the sideburns , hat fell off We nerd his wigworms , he hid behind Rich See Allah hit the light switch , young girls were trampled In the measured pool , pistol with Mase , and broke the handle Desperate crawlin to the door on all fours Shim kicked the jukebox the theme song rode in was "It's Yours" Oh my goodness , Ba grabbed the Mo bottle thrashin He layin like a gay models shoutin out Sebastian He smiled with his teeth missin begging for mercy No more god , the 68 thousand down a pair of three Out came the cannon , whistled out zaggin Cham snatched his flag four big rocks enter the dragon It's over , another story told Lyin with the snakes , tongue kissin cobras [CHORUS]
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