Das EFX - Check It Out

Straight Up Sewaside
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Das EFX
Альбом: Straight Up Sewaside
Длительность: 03:55
Размер: 9,22 Мб
Рейтинг: 1293
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: MaxOfMobbDeep
320 Кб/с

Das EFX - Check It Out

Текст песни "Das EFX - Check It Out"

Aaah ha ha ha (Check this out!) Wooh! Check it out (Check this out) Aaaah yeah (Check this out) Ya just don't stop kid ya just don't stop (Check this out) Yeah ya just don't stop word up Aaah yeah! Chorus (x8): Check it out y'all (Check it check it out dun) Verse 1: Dray Books Check this out yo yo Well check it out it's the incredible never edible unforgettable Dweller from the cellar kickin terror cos I'm terrible See I be schoolin em, foolin em when I'm speakin it Peepin it cos y'all be keepin it, look how I'm freakin it I got'cha tinglin, tinglin and minglin Border way to go, the radio they got my single in They rockin this, ain't no toppin this when I'm droppin this Style that I can buy cos yo I rhyme like a rhinoceros My skill is illy, silly when I work it Quick to flip the lip and rip a nigga out the circuit So step wit it, can ya get wit it when I'm flexin it Takin out these quick cos my nigga Books is next on it I know you're not set, check it, you're wonderin where the heck I've Been Chillin stupid, cos there ain't no dooper who got wrecker than The Boogie Banger, it could be danger so back, tootz Cos we're guys but niggas wanna revise they rap books What up kid? I can sell you rugged with the hip-hoppin Throw it, like to see me from my nuts until my dick top What a bummer, it seem to be no MC can get dumber than Me one other, two niggas from the Sewer, my shit is new without the *?bagnesia?* Cos G, I be's the man from here to Indonesia Aah yeah, you heard me, see I'm just another dirty dick Drastically, casually I puff the erb to get zone like the Senate, so Chorus Verse 2: Dray, Books Here I come so nigga don't be hatchin it, I'm snatchin it, niggas O'dose When I catch this Niggas in the dark, I spark at them like I was matches I set up quicker, kick a verse with no distortion I suggest MC's proceed with some caution I hip, tip, grippin tit because there ain't no Way I'm gonna lift when I erupt like a volcano I'm acid, my crew is massive, you're soft like jello I'm gettin props, a habit like Abbott & Costello When I flaunt this, niggas want this, they'll be usin A squeegee when I'm bitchin cos bitch I'm comin to get your ass Comin to get'cha it's the D-Bats so nigga think back to the way I Bring This Or brung that, I swung that, now look at the way I'm swingin this Just like my name was Joe DiMaggio And hell Dray! My 12 guage spit shells like pizaggio We can get it on and my word is bond and fuck who you be G Your crew is easy just like Sunday mornin when I'm yawnin so It's no sense in you losin what you got kid Cos G I be doin the mic like Mr.T be doin the chopsticks Ya gets done like no matter where ya from, jack For fun, I'm nailin rappers like a thumb tack I'm sort've spliffed so I don't think niggas order it Plus I'm the type you might not like to leave your daughter with Chorus (Check this out) [x9] Chorus to fade
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