Busta Rhymes - Shut 'Em Down 2002

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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Busta Rhymes
Альбом: Genesis
Длительность: 02:56
Размер: 6,78 Мб
Рейтинг: 2062
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: DeL
320 Кб/с

Busta Rhymes - Shut 'Em Down 2002

Текст песни "Busta Rhymes - Shut 'Em Down 2002"

Yeah.. back by popular demand, it's about to get Godly Yeah.. hold it now! AOWWW! C'mon, c'mon (c'mon).. yeah Huh.. c'mon, c'mon (c'mon).. yeah Huh! Bear witness on the way we stay cuttin 'em down In two-thousand-two, shuttin 'em down Have you sippin on it 'til you start suckin it down I hope you know that we ain't FUCKIN around Niggaz you betta BELIEVE when you see me the shit be double trouble I overLOAD and take this SHIT to another level I shut it down, sho' nuff, pack ya bags Let me work, make it hurt, cause I'm next wreck Lay flat nigga hit the deck, or face big DISrespect In addition the SHIT we wreck Firework flow, spit and make a BIG effect Bang it in the truck until ya whole SHIT eject, c'mon Stop nigga, close ya shop SCUD missile launched fire burn quick, every SHIT we drop From the GROUND with another sound yes we put it down and always BOOM and pound, so we shut 'em down I shut 'em down (shut 'em down, shut shut shut 'em down) I shut 'em down (sh-sh, sh-sh, shut shut 'em down) I shut 'em down (shut 'em down, shut shut shut 'em down) I shut 'em down (shut 'em, sh-shut, shut shut 'em down) I shut 'em down (shut 'em down, shut-sh-shut 'em down) I shut 'em down (sh-sh, sh-sh, shut shut 'em down) I shut 'em down (shut 'em down, shut shut shut 'em down) I shut 'em down (shut 'em down, shut shut 'em down) [Busta Rhymes] Hah! One two three four five six seven eight nine Comin THROUGH, betta tuck in ya shine Once ya lookin for the HEAT, if ya seek it will find I had these devils watchin me sayin these sneakers is mine! Now hold up - we drop the bomb first then get under ya mom's skirt to get her frenzied like a motherfuckin rock concert While you're busy and tryin to FIGURE what the God's worth I'll malfunction your plans 'til the motherfuckin sound work Now I'ma CUSS when I BUST ya ass And leave 'em stiff when I hit 'em like a MUSTARD gas Steam fire when I puff, then I flick the ash You wack and I had enough, put your shit in the trash Now you know we got the shit in the smash Wild until you slip and you crash, y'know we keep the SHIT in the stash From the GROUND when we come around, yes we put it down and always BOOM AND POUND, when we shut 'em down [Intro to "Genesis"] As we rockin you all to the future Ahhh, we come to give you that Operatin like we be official Yeah, we come to multiply And we're plannin the scheme for the long win Yeah, our shit be always right Every move you'll see how it's related..
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