Mary J. Blige - Steal Away (feat. Pharrell Williams & No Malice)

No More Drama
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Жанр: R'n'B
Исполнитель: Mary J. Blige
Альбом: No More Drama
Длительность: 04:27
Размер: 10,37 Мб
Рейтинг: 551
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: G_Dollar_S
320 Кб/с

Mary J. Blige - Steal Away (feat. Pharrell Williams & No Malice)

Текст песни "Mary J. Blige - Steal Away (feat. Pharrell Williams & No Malice)"

i've been thinking lately baby maybe we should leave here tonight ive been pushing papers crazy even if its wrong i feel its right maybe we could make sweet love girl i know it feels so good in order to escape this pressure you know what? we should (chorus) steal away steal away before a day, we'll never say we should've left, much more soon for one night last, share the moon can we make love, all damn day You know I really need you sugar I want you to make me your wife i cant wait to leave out so we can be together no doubts that my love, it has no limits so i will wipe away your frown Packed all my sexy secrets now i'll join you for the rest of my life (chorus) For sure ma i'll steal away Car keys to my mens Benz and peel away Spillin zay, whether your man like it or not He aint diggin it right So I'mma be pipin' a lot I see a hot mami hold on if you able We put a flick on your hand I'll floss your navel What it calls im able to make you happy Wether it's the back of da fo' dot six in the Navi Blakets and pillow fluffed up And we shine like we Puffed up Blowin that dro till we fucked up His luck's up, I just stole his honey own his honey he whiLing like I stole his money his gold is honey cuz my gold is money He can have my wife, while me and you live a lavish life Wit ya V secret satin type, thongs and bras I'm hoping to god this aint no mirage (chorus)
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