Mary J. Blige - Family Affair

No More Drama
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Жанр: R'n'B
Исполнитель: Mary J. Blige
Альбом: No More Drama
Длительность: 04:26
Размер: 10,32 Мб
Рейтинг: 4132
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: G_Dollar_S
320 Кб/с

Mary J. Blige - Family Affair

Текст песни "Mary J. Blige - Family Affair"

Let's get it crunk we gonna' Have fun up on In this dancery We got ya open, now ya floatin' So you gots to dance for me Don't need no hateration, holleration In this dancery Let's get it perculatin' while you're waiting So just dance for me Come on everybody get on up Cause you know we gots to get it crunk Mary J. is in the spot tonight And I'm ma make you feel alright (Make you feel alright) Come on baby just party with me Let loose and set your body free Leave your situations at the door So when you step inside, jump on the floor Repeat 1 It's only gonna be about a matter of time Before you get loose and start to loose your mind Cop you a drink, go 'head and rock your ice Cause we celebrating "No More Drama" in our life With a great track pumpin', everybody's jumpin' Go ahead and twist your back and get your body bumpin' I told you leave your situations at the door So grab somebody and get your ass on the dance floor Repeat 1 We don't need,don't need no haters We just tryin' to love one another We just want y'all have a good time "No more drama" in your life Work real hard to make a dime If you got beef, your problem, not mine Leave all that BS outside We're gonna celebrate all night Let's have fun tonight, no fights Turn the Dre track way up high Making you dance all night and I Got some real heat for ya this time It doesn't matter if you're white or black Let's get crunk cuz Mary's back
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