Young Buck - Buss Yo Head

Buck The World
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Young Buck
Альбом: Buck The World
Длительность: 04:59
Размер: 11,44 Мб
Рейтинг: 1893
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Doggfather
320 Кб/с

Young Buck - Buss Yo Head

Текст песни "Young Buck - Buss Yo Head"

[Intro: Young Buck] Aight rap niggaz (yeah!) You got 24 hours to live nigga (ha ha) Your time's up right motherfuckin now nigga Dah dah dah dahhhh [Chorus: Young Buck] Y'all niggaz ain't no killers, y'all niggaz some hoes And y'all act like gorillas but you already know If the gangstas feel us then 50 should'ta let me go All the rappers that was beefin they ain't talkin no mo' I'll bust they motherfuckin head ho (who wanna diiiie?) I'll bust yo' motherfuckin head ho (I'm read' to riiiide) I'll bust they motherfuckin head ho (who wanna diiiie?) I'll bust yo' motherfuckin head ho (I'm read' to riiiide) [Young Buck:] Can't wait to see ya homie, gotta keep that Nina on me Haters wanna leave me lonely - but y'all ain't killin me Fuck you, ya ain't feelin me, what you eat don't make me shit I'm cleanin my artillery and wipin off these hollow-tips Shawty like to swallow dick, and she set up good licks I treat her like a pit and holla - GET 'EM GIRL, GET HIS BRICK! You know if you snitch, what we do to tattletales Cut off yo' bottom lip, send it to you in the mail I'm coverin up my trails, I smell gunpowder And the hood hot as hell cause of 48 hours All my niggaz tryin to rob a rapper and get a bird Take his platinum and his fur, get in the back of that hearse Muh'fucker [Chorus: w/ ad libs] [Interlude:] Listen to the devil when he open up his mouth (Be quiet, you can hear them bodies callin) Listen to the devil when he open up his mouth (Be quiet, you can hear them bodies callin) [Young Buck:] Yes, I brought a A.K. to my concerts So I don't need security, I put in my own work I'm walkin with my jewelry, I know I ain't from round here But y'all gon' have to kill me before I lay it down, yeah I was on the news for knockin him out his shoes But the dude got a son that go to my daughter's school So I'm cool, cause I can grab what he love most And that's the reason why you see me laughin then go Pay the bond money, let me get back to the streets The one man army, a Indian with no chief I got a bomb on me, so e'rybody move slow Biggie Smalls said it, "If I go, you got to go" [Chorus: w/ ad libs] [Young Buck:] (Beef) Is when I see you niggaz on the streets The barrel of the beretta knock out motherfuckers teeth nigga (Beef) Just when you think it's good to go to sleep I crawl from under the bed, and put a hole in your head homie (Beef) Is probably what you rappers gonna die fo' It's somethin that we live by, somethin that we ride fo' It's (beef) so when you see that '72 Caprice With a chopper out the window like, buck a motherfucker This is (beef); just know that there will never be peace This 40-Glock'll make you niggaz NEVER sell a CD And since it's (beef) well this might be my last verse Cause I'ma set it off, I'm about to blast first [Chorus: w/ ad libs] [Outro: Young Buck] HEY! Yeah Niggaz know who it is nigga It's ya homeboy Young Buck motherfuckers! And I just beat another motherfuckin gun case, ha hahhhh! You know what it is nigga Top of Bullets-burg, the world keeps turnin Dead bodies come up every day nigga Get out the way! CAUSE I'M COMIN!!
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