8 Ball & MJG - Watchu Gonna Do (feat. Pimp C)

Ridin' High
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: 8 Ball & MJG
Альбом: Ridin' High
Длительность: 04:50
Размер: 6,76 Мб
Рейтинг: 442
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: vanya_niyakii
195 Кб/с

8 Ball & MJG - Watchu Gonna Do (feat. Pimp C)

Текст песни "8 Ball & MJG - Watchu Gonna Do (feat. Pimp C)"

[MJG:] Roach spraid on the block Then I took my throwback Now my soldiers posted up Hangin' like a coatrack Gun in the bushes and Work in the stash spot Overtime, al night Try'na make a fat knock Swell in my pocket Like I'm carryin' a loaf of bread Been around the world But I still love local head Got the shit to make 'em jump It's hyper like a pimp rally Give 'em just a piece it make 'em Mime me like a skip daddy Glock, Chevy parked in the yard With' the double pipes If I catch ya try'na steal it I'm a get double life I ain't wanna do it, I ain't even really hate son That's a damn shame but tomorrow, I'm a make? Black Hummer waitin' for me in front of the jail house Comin' for the boys who thought that I wouldn't bail out Top notch citizen, on top of his shit again Pimp type, MJG, another hit again [Hook: MJG (Pimp C)] This some grown man shit, pussy ass nigga! How you wanna do it, we can just get to it (Watchu wanna do, how you wanna do it?) (Pussy ass nigga, we can just get to it, bitch) This some grown man shit, pussy ass nigga! How you wanna do it, we can just get to it (Watchu wanna do, how you wanna do it?) (Pussy ass nigga, we can just get to it) [8 Ball:] Boys ask me all the time Am I tired of the grind Hell naw nigga, gettin' richer That's all on my mind Twist the pine, smoke a pound Grabbin' chickens, buy a ticket Delta airlines, pimp, I got some down ass bitches Broads with' them credit cards Make her listen, let her charge Flat TVs and some tiles for my momma car Eighty-thousand dollars, I'mma fuckin' ghetto superstar Work come soft, never hard, that's a different charge Tre-8 never jam if I gotta blam blam! If you not a regular, I'm taxin' you like Uncle Sam Rubber gloves, blue magic and some Downy sheets Plenty plastic wrap and a vacuum pack machine My uncle, "Old School" don't need nothin' but a triple-beam A dollar and a plate, he like to hit it while he mix it I be rollin' up blunts in the den, countin' bread 30 dollars till my heart stop beatin' and I'm dead [Hook] [Pimp C:] Unh Sweet Jones is the pimp of the year Wrist full of frozen fireworks 6 in my ear, fly hoes and chains and Swangin' on them thangs bitch No I ain't no lame, got cocaine It ain't no thang bitch, for you to drive down holl'n for ten Guaranteed when ya test it you'll come and get 'em again I heard a nigga say his name was Pimp C on that "Boss'n Up" movie But that nigga ain't me Too many clones in the streets and on the microphone Pussy ass niggaz need to leave my legacy alone 'Cause I'm a motherfuckin' king in that Texas Don't hesitate to put that thang on them plexers 'Cause it ain't no thang to lay yo' lump off in yo' lap boy Hit his figure with' the trigger, scratch off in the toy Fuck me, not a change nigga fuck you You want a war? It's whateva you bitches wanna do [Hook: till fade]
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