Prodigy of Mobb Deep - Stuck On You

Return of the Mac
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Prodigy of Mobb Deep
Альбом: Return of the Mac
Длительность: 04:29
Размер: 10,38 Мб
Рейтинг: 873
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Doggfather
320 Кб/с

Prodigy of Mobb Deep - Stuck On You

Текст песни "Prodigy of Mobb Deep - Stuck On You"

"I'm Hooked, I'm hooked" "I'm stuck to you - just like glue" Alright, alright, uh-huh And I ain't neva let you go, let you go What time is it?, dawgs sit righ here Put the kids to bed - tell y'all story And I ain't neva gon' leave you alone, leave you alone First worry about my money, you know what..? Its a cash explosion, it's rainin' dollars We made it to stardom, the new album The 50-50 joint ventures, it only gets better & better Might treat myself to a nice Ferrari for the winter Gate my whole crib up, Do NOT ENTER! 'Cause the nigga inside with the shotty got a temper And I play it by the book, man; I thought he was a burglar I'm gettin' off 'cause I served her You wastin' that broad with that shit they want More money than any dope man could eva see Man, Escobar ain't got shit on P I'm like Trav & John, 'cause I M D And I do surgery on the nigga for free When it come to that Tae Bo, we gettin' box load I pop a nigga over my money, man all I know 'em "I'm stuck to you - just like glue" "I love it, I love it, I swear I do, aaahhh baby" Yea that's how that one go you'nah'what'I'mean? (Live that money right?) And I ain't neva let you go, let you go, (No doubt) And who gon' love the paper man? You gotta love the paper If you got that much paper you gotta hold it down And I ain't neva gon' leave you alone, leave you alone So the next one, you know what that's about, (That's right) My bestest friend, my worstest enemies (That's right) Y'all could either save my life or be the death of me either get me outta drama, or put me in a locker Y'all gon' have me wind up in that chair with the tires Stab a nigga like Myers But I'd rather put fire to your ass like Pryor (Damn!) 'Cause I prefer the iron Shoot at bitch ass niggaz and do 'em like Bison I got big jump-offs that fit down my pants leg 'Lil jump-offs, your dunn know A damn thang, niggaz talkin' thug on their song and the radio But we the reason they fire proofed the Coupes And we the same reason you bringin' re-enforcements through You'll neva get me alive my gun is like glue (Come wit it, come wit it) Shots spread like the flu, through you lungs, through your peoples I love my heaters, I'm... Yea, you motha'fuckin' right man, them hammers man, them guns man And I ain't neva let you go, let you go Gotta keep them thangs on you, what you know about that though? But you know there's one thing a nigga can't live without And I ain't neva gon' leave you alone, leave you alone And it's the bottom line right here You know we like; phatties with size, 'lil cutie pies With the nice stance and walk and bodies that talk Make niggaz dig deep into they barrel of game And pull out somethin' that'll definitely gettin' to her brain (Word) With the perm or the braids (Whatup) It's all love as long as her curves are in the right space (It's all good) With a face that deserves the front page I got the keys that'll free all birds from the cage (Let's go) I get pussy like James, its nuttin' to point Y'all niggaz takin' too long to get to the point (Fo' real) Y'all chicks makin' me sick, you lookin' so good bitch (God damn) I gotta have you, enough I can't stop it Gangsta love, she pretty and thug She like the hood nigga only if he's bustin' his gun Mama you go girl, keep right on, doin' what you doin' Keepin' niggaz hard "I'm stuck to you - just like glue" "I love it, I love it, I swear I do, eww baby" And I ain't neva let you go, let you go And I ain't neva gon' le
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