Bob Sinclar - Miss Me

Western Dream
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Жанр: Dance
Исполнитель: Bob Sinclar
Альбом: Western Dream
Длительность: 04:36
Размер: 7,02 Мб
Рейтинг: 990
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Samovar
213 Кб/с

Bob Sinclar - Miss Me

Текст песни "Bob Sinclar - Miss Me"

For all the times, another sacrifice, When we make for keep this relationship together! You just do me that! I know you for those walk Love is still in our heart I know you'll gonna Miss me ! You know that ! (For your love, For your love) Groove until the sun rise moving on a few sky, nothing really Matters when we are together For the fun that we had, for the joy in your eyes, We made love is the real, feel the bridge under sea, caught a Star in the sky, could it be, be more cool? so hear me baby, Just see me baby, You'll gonna miss me, (For your love) You'll gonna miss me, after all we've been through (for your love) Oh oh, you'll gonna miss me (For your love) After all we've been Through.. You'll gonna miss me (For your love, For your love) Baby you surprise me when you say Forever there's nothing here To keep me But you got the number.. oh we dance in a trance.. As we Burn in A flight, Flying high to the light on a sweet summer Brise. Hear The beat of your heart when i touch your Desire.. Just see me baby Just hear me baby You'll gonna miss me (For your love) You'll gonna miss me after all we been trough (For your love) You'll gonna miss me (For your love) You'll gonna miss me You'll gonna miss my love You'll gonna miss me baby, baby When you walk down the street girl, i been so good to you, but I still love you but i got to go, i still gonna always love You. But you'll gonna miss me, as i don't want to say. Yeah yeah yeah anytime, anywhere but you'll gonna miss my love Baby, every night you fall asleep You'll gonna miss my love? Don't let me step one time You will gonna miss my love
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