M.O.P. - Revolution

Firing Squad
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: M.O.P.
Альбом: Firing Squad
Длительность: 05:36
Размер: 12,86 Мб
Рейтинг: 621
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

M.O.P. - Revolution

Текст песни "M.O.P. - Revolution"

Kick ass nigga come on Yeah yeah Hit Squad Firing Squad Nine eight shit Chorus: Das EFX No doubt no doubt Do your thing do your thing No doubt no doubt Do your thing do your thing Yo its Diggy Das M.O.P. and that nigga Teflon Lets get it on what what Lets get it on yeah yeah [Drayz] Another new year I got my crew here lets get it on Miggity make money money! Yo son I got the bomb See me swervan, through the urban Black Suburban, puffing urban Wiggity wild and drinking bourbon [Lil Fame] See Im learnin, while Im earnin Rapidly firin, like that shit that the Ku Klux be burnin Who wanna get stuck up Or get fucked the fuck up? Blucka, blucka blowe! Bitch nigga your lucks up [Teflon] Yo, Im about to pull the plug out Thug out, but rub out Head for my car, get blazed, turn the whole club out Shit I set it for real when I bug out My trey mark making it possible for paramedics to pull the plug out [Billy Danze] Yo, we just seep underground to be dug out We represent the Ruffhouse Keep one and a half, even while I'm banned At the thug house (tha'ts right) Now your facing a one of a kind dude Undefined dude, top of the line dude [Skoob] Aiyyo, we giggity getting bug in here All my people up in here Its rough in here Bullets figgity flying every fucking where Its un fucking faitiggity tear cats out the frame Diggity Das, Billy Danz, Teflon, and Lil Fame Chorus - 2x [Teflon] Say hello to the bad guy Hmmhm, excuse me as I Grab my N-U-Ts no need to ask why We blow the spot up Hit em with the uncut raw Could be somewhat more Advance with the product [Billy Danze] You dealing with sacrifice, real hardcore All the love for these thugs that Im willing to die for First family style! Its deep You catch us on these beats But we should never be disconnected from these streets [Skoob] See my higgity hard times That bring forth these higgity hard rhymes Hard crimes, leave em hospitalized with scar lines Figgity far rhymes, my squad shines, Its turn to eat again Motivated by cats who would never see the street again [Lil Fame] See him in the next life cause thats where were gon meet again And if it goes down then, you gon bleed again Any ground I roam I stand on it Keep a llama with eight shots and my hand on it [Drayz] Yeah, so lets expand on it ( what ) Put my mans on it ( what ) Its the shit that make flies wanna land on it ( what ) The Higgity Hit Squad and Firing Squad We billin ya, killin ya, figgity feelin ya til the next millennia Chorus - 2x
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