Method Man - Act Right

Tical 0: The Prequel
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Method Man
Альбом: Tical 0: The Prequel
Длительность: 03:18
Размер: 7,62 Мб
Рейтинг: 1287
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Method Man - Act Right

Текст песни "Method Man - Act Right"

"Yeah, that`s right everybody get some act right" Awww shit! Ya know the name Who flip flows like chessboards, there go the games I`m drugs to the brain Even on the 14th of February I ain`t got no love for Elaine Back doin` my thang, right Livin` the fast life Bitch grab a seat at the bar, get you some act right If that don`t do it then rock, lets bring it back like "Damn right everybody get some act right" Ever since I came up, rappers done changed up Put your walking shoes back on and step your game up I`m getting through off the books, rock we banked up Y`all don`t think my shit off the hook, then yall can hang on I`m like a king that`s so fresh so clean I leave niggaz like black coffee, no cream Come inside the party fuck up the whole scene "That`s right everybody get some act right" [Hook] Get up get up, ya know what we came here for What up what up, get your asses out on the floor Come on come on, I`ve been away for far too long Guess who`s back and far too strong for ya niggaz (now) We feelin` good tonight, we hittin` `dro like We gettin money and gettin` honeys that flow like My mic, my clothes, my life, my dough "Thats right everybody get some act right" Ya damned if you do, ya damned if you don`t Step inside my Range and get blammed if you won`t My Clan in the joint, man we got it locked Like whatever niggaz got in the bank, I got it stopped Y`all already know of my strength already growin` And this game many may come but few are chosen I don`t usually do this, but keep the party going like "Damn right everybody get some act right" I get tips from BIG and Pac when they blastin` the heat If you`s a rapper, don`t ever ride the passenger seat One to grow on When up shit`s creek, you get your roll on Boy I never stop, I go on, so on and so on Rappers can`t fuck with me My career`s like somebody put glue in your chair and now your stuck with me I don`t use pick up lines, I guess I`m just picky "That`s right everybody get some act right" [Hook] Extra extra read all about it Who shits they grounded, flies all around it My trees don`t doubt it, they green as a salad All American Express I never leave home without it I`ll never go pop, Meth Man I`m bout it Whenever I rock, the jam`s over crowded I`m never gonna stop, the fans won`t allow it "Damn right everybody get some act right" Yo, get it you got it, if you got it then good "There`s a lot of rappers rappin` but not a lot of `em could" I`m that boy in the hood that told Red Riding Hood There ain`t nothin but wars in my neck of the woods So! Who`s ready for MC Whoa What`s beef? Beef is what I got teeth for I eat up everything on my plate then eat yours like "That`s right everybody get some act right" [Hook] "Stand up! Staten Island, Lond Island get some act right Every borough, New Jersey get some act right Each state, west coast, east coast, dirty south, midwest get some act right If it ain`t well, it ain`t right If it ain`t Meth, it ain`t tight So on that note like this, everybody get some act right"
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