2Pac - To Live And Die In LA

Best Of The West, Vol.1
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: 2Pac
Альбом: Best Of The West, Vol.1
Длительность: 04:34
Размер: 4,54 Мб
Рейтинг: 683
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
128 Кб/с

2Pac - To Live And Die In LA

Текст песни "2Pac - To Live And Die In LA"

Intro: (Dominique) Street Science. You're on the air. What do you feel when you hear a record like Tupac's new one? (Man) I love Tupac's new record (Dominique) right, but don't you feel like that creates ugh tension between East and West? He's talking about killing people, I had sex with your wife and not in those words, but he's talking about I wanna see you deceased. (Tupac) I looovve L-A No doubt To Live and Die in LA California--whatcha saying about Los Angeles still the only place for me. To Live and Die in LA when everyday we try a fatten' our pockets Us ni**as' hustle for the cash so it's hard to knock it Everybody got their own thang currency chasin' World wide thru the hard times worrying faces Shed tears as we bury ni**as' close to heart What was a friend now a ghost in the dark Cold hearted--my ni**a got smoked by a fiend Trying to floss on em' blind to a broken man's dream A hard lesson--court cases keep me guessin' plea bargain ain't an option now-so I'm stessin' Cost me more to be free than a life in the Penn making money off of cuss words--writing again Learn how to think ahead--so I fight with my pen late night down Sunset like in a scene What's the worst they could do to a ni**a got me lost in hell--To Live and Die in LA on bail--my angels sing... Chorus: To live and Die in La, it's the place to be you've got to be there to know it where everybody wanna see It's the city of angels and constant danger South Central LA--can't get no stranger full of drama like a soap opera on the curb watching the ghetto bird hellicopters I observe--so many ni**as' getting 3 strikes--tossed in jail so where's the Penn--right across from hell I can't cry--cause it's on now I'm just a ni**a on his own now living life thug style--so I can't smile writing to my peoples when they ask for pictures thinking Cali's just mine and bi**hes [haha] better learn about the dress code B's and C's--all them other ni**as' copycats these is G's I love Cali like I love woman cause every ni**a in LA gotta little bit of thug in em' We might fight with each other but I promise you this we will burn this s**t down--get us pissed To Live and Die in LA Chorus: To Live and Die in LA, it's the place to be [(Tupac) Let my angel sing] you've got to be there to know it where everybody wanna see What would be LA with out Mexicans Black love--Brown pride in the set's again--Pete Wilson trying to see us all broke amongst some old s**t out for everything they owe remember K day weekends--Crenshaw--MLK automatics rang free cause ni**as' lost their way gang signs being shown ni**a love your hood but recognize when it's all good where the weed at--ni**as getting shermed out Snoop Dogg and his homie's burned out M-O-B Big Suge in the lo lo bounce and turn Dogg Pound in the Lex with an ounce to burn got them watts ni**as with me O-F-T-B they got some hash took a stash left the rest for me Neckbone--Dreray--Ron too Big Rock got knocked but this one's for you I hit the studio and drop a jewel hopin it pay getting high--watching time fly To Live and Die in LA Chorus (Tupac) This goes out for 92.3--all the radio stations that be bumping my s**t This goes out to all the magazines that supported me all the mom and pops stops all the real mu'f**kas all the stores-LA California Love, part motha f**kin Two, without gay a*s Dre.
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