N.E.R.D - Drill Sergeant

Fly Or Die
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Жанр: Alternative Rock / Hip-Hop / Funk Rock
Исполнитель: N.E.R.D
Альбом: Fly Or Die
Длительность: 06:55
Размер: 15,89 Мб
Рейтинг: 534
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Gragory
320 Кб/с

N.E.R.D - Drill Sergeant

Текст песни "N.E.R.D - Drill Sergeant"

*clapping hands* [chorus] drill sergeant ,I got a word for you I'm not going to war (I'm not going to war) I'mma cash in beautiful books I'm gonna get the parts ,I know the stores (Why do I know the stores) In this speaking Orson Wells And this is 1954 You don't understand liberty until someone speaks for y'all (someone speaks for y'all) Shame on you, you say you served your country while I'm young Shame on you , Looks my mind up ,handing me guns Byebye Mom and Dad and all just incase there's failure I could be blaming you but I've got something to tell you... [chorus] Aim on you The love of their buildings, destroy their soil Aim on you Did you finally figure where to run that oil? Why cry if a man should die ,when there's probable failure? Or I could just aim at you But I got something to tell ya... [chorus] Maybe there's another way that we can bumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbumpbump (4x) [chorus] oooh ,I'm not going to war,i'm not going to(4x) ********************** Perseverance Hate when they call me superstar do I look like a superstar yet unreachable very far ever notice i'm right here where wit y'all I cover my face because they do not need t see im no gangsta or no thug im a just being me the world smells of drama and i cover up my nose they faces like film left out to long it gets over exposed getting praised by magazines from the girlfriends in my clothes I hope they still love me when i should wait cuz i'm afraid to blow chorus: WANT WAR (well) WAR WILL GIVE (we'll be rockin this) CHAINED DOWN (so u) SO U CANT SEE *HIT Now the fear of blowing up definitely takes it toll it sends demons down deep into your mind to take control if it thinks its got my mind then it better think again I got a the pleasure of the piano and this powerful pen but you (YOU) you had 15 minutes to shine with your concepts (huh) Whats so interesting? whats your desire? did u get your cover story and your precious headlines so sorry so sorry so sorry they just *ucked 'em from behind CHORUS I dont wanna blow up im smiling cuz i know the pieces that make me me and glisten thru my soul my self esteem is not a thing it comes from within can u take a picture I'll sign whatever you want my friends still (still) still (still) YEA! CHORUS
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