Mobb Deep - Get Dealt With

Hell On Earth
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Жанр: Hardcore Rap / East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: Mobb Deep
Альбом: Hell On Earth
Длительность: 03:56
Размер: 9,05 Мб
Рейтинг: 2006
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: NeoNY
320 Кб/с

Mobb Deep - Get Dealt With

Текст песни "Mobb Deep - Get Dealt With"

[Prodigy] I got my clique ready, ready for hand-to-hand combo Harms break em down, rapper Noyd cut his throat Don swoop em up or Gotti stomp em out Each twin grab a arm, pick this nigga up Knitty turn his face to me, let me break him up I throw him up against the wall and put a hole in his face so big It almost took his whole face off We got to take position, ready for faceoff With blitz like Dallas ain't no Superbowl faceoff We form like niggas in the yard up north With long swords, ready for war, who paid cost And take ya life lost, never found again boss A job well done, relax, throw back fifths Of Bacardi Limon, fifteenths of hash get lit Fuckin with the fabulous Mobb, yeah you were sick Lunatic nigga jump up or got hit With max and Teks and silencers spit Shots whiz past your earlobe and shit That's the sound of a nigga who almost felt it Got you runnin, dodgin, coverin, shelterin Bullets rippin thru the fabric of ya shirt, it's meltin it You bleed again, we just another nigga dealt with Intruder Alert! Our house is nothin like the Covenant We hold big shit like a bitch hold one in the oven [Havoc] Well if it ain't drama, money above broke bitches Simple minded niggas, Alpha have it positioned That's opposition, wetttin me competition Suddenly and outta tha blue and now I see By myself, by myself and rollin mad trees Paranoid on point and now I see who's who This thing was fake ones outta the immediate crew Life I take one if you jeopardise my do You're small mi-nute, gotta death to deal with aces up You overbidded and in the Bridge you go stuck This ain't a card game but in perspective it's the same Put two and two together-Mobb Deep with one name Contain drama like Outbreak, you order drama We outtake and then take you out Keep it real and throw the fake out Raise the stakes up, hit you off from the waste up That's how it is and how it is is kinda fucked up Butter beats bangin got ya whole clique singin On a corner while it's rainin, 4 pound left cha ears ringin Delete those and keep my shit discrete, niggas is trash rhyme Totally offbeat and outta sync with they light E & J bent tight, niggas slow ya roll Ya speedin, now ya bleedin tonight for no reason Wanna be max and does get smacked, show no love Crush ya team like the bear hug The Infamous'll do dirt, dead as smear like mud New York new get-it-greens, I feel no pity No remorse, takin it to the source of course Bare that ass thug real kid, it's only your mask That you wear, take off Cop out feel the blast BOOM on top BOOM BOOM gat-for-gat And all the rules got the drop on you And let the nickel nine pop on you [Prodigy] Yo My crew in the front got it locked My live niggas in the back got the gats blowin out'cha back What the deal, what them tough looks and eye contact Starin all up in ya cornea, ya cornea lack The look of a true-to-life, crime niggas attack Go at the first nigga that front and overread Ya get dealt with [Chorus: repeat 2X] Dealt with quick Opposition get melted by hot shit, he felt it
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