The Roots - Episodes

Illadelph Halflife
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: The Roots
Альбом: Illadelph Halflife
Длительность: 05:57
Размер: 13,71 Мб
Рейтинг: 798
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

The Roots - Episodes

Текст песни "The Roots - Episodes"

[The Jazzyfatnastees] Better believe it.. cause it is co-min.. You won't believe the site you see before your eyes.. You won't believe the site you see before your eyes.. [Verse One: Black Thought] Just push the panic button on your remote control Then enter the zone where our patrollers will get round cold soul Diddly Bo leave her feelin a saga foretold Who got caught 'pon the block for gold, got the old heads froze They peepin outta closed windows They not secure as they supposed I watched it all unfold Witness another episode with titanic panoramic view as this manic-depressin un-load with his gun hold Wild like a son sold for cash Guns traded for sensi and hash, crack for ass Entire crews pass not makin the news flash Brews pass a memory and spark not to blast Whatever Ave. transform to the war path Pure wrath from North down to 24th and Task Game slaughter half, the niggas you were prayin with Streets tainted with camouflage - guerilla sabotage My cousin's Jarette and Todd, was livin type large Got caught then blast crashed off on Broad and Lombard So many so-called hearts scarred they buried in the yard Lick shots at Babylon de one comfy bombard Kids run far from traditional credit cards scams Veterans is nipped in the butt with large plans Stick up kids is jumpin outta plated Dodge Rams to jam, you and your man it's mad drama and - Chorus [Verse Two: Dice Raw] This is for all of my niggaz, that are R.I.P.'s You ain't missin nothin, life ain't what it should be I'll pass across soon, who know who's the enemy Lots of shit has changed and it's kinda fucked up to see You remember Tauseen nigga thick slice of dream Go out fast for the buck do anything for the cream Never seen a case like this, although it's quite contageous He even got his little brother actin all outrageous From dusk to dawn, and from dawn back to dusk They do anything and everything, tryin to come up It's kinda sickenin, how the cash is so fuckin addicted And when I say son wild they say that that's conflicted Ain't nothin but a contradiction in this world we live in Cause the loot is for the takin, and not for the givin Then the youngest one, will say "I'ma die hustlin Fuck everybody except my brother who I'm trusted in" I guess the young boy just did not know the truth Cause the following week Tauseen threw him off the roof And sometimes I wonder what the fuck I think about that How nowadays kids get whacked for somethin less than a pat But I guess that's how it goes when there ain't no more rap Thought he was his brother's keeper, but fuck all that Niggaz causin mayhem, from the P.M.'s to A.M.'s America's worst nightmare -- guns in kids' hands Chorus [Verse Three: Malik B] It was the year of '84 I was tryin to get in the mix The year when niggaz rolled with sheepskins gazelles and kicks Even got the patent leather Adidas snatched off your feet Man that talk is cheap the crippled can't walk for weeks The first sto was word to Penn and Teller's Strolled in the dollar house parties; in search for Cinderella Was just a little man real bold Tryin to act grown and old so the respect'll be shown A hip-hop a little pop and the breakdancin When niggaz wore windbreakers plot to take lambskins Remember Zigglers? Uptown the bottom's not quite the same St. Charles in South Phil the ooh mob gang H-R-M Ogontz Ave. Brickyard to hollow Niggaz was snatchin gazzeles and flippin pockets for the dallo You wore your little wolf chain in West Oak Lane And niggaz from Logan came to extort we know the game You proclaim this gangster bullshit talk And never even seen your man shot, or bodies in chalk Aggravated assualt another weekend in the precinct Takin everybody for their ring man that's how we thi
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