The Roots - Section

Illadelph Halflife
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: The Roots
Альбом: Illadelph Halflife
Длительность: 04:09
Размер: 9,61 Мб
Рейтинг: 1318
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

The Roots - Section

Текст песни "The Roots - Section"

[Chorus: Black Thought: (2X)] You can't front, we comin with the shots to pump We got more cuz it's what you want Thump it in your section and throughout your section In your area, throughout your whole section, yo... [Black Thought:] Y'all know the dynasty, the Roots repertoire The lieutenant from the reservoir, serve the spar The injurar, preditar of a competitar I send MCs where the paramedics are At first, I'm like "nah", I'm nonchalant from afar Then strike to cut the fake rap star jugular With irregular balance of the cat burgla-rar Known to parlay with Garcia Vega cigars I know the flavor because me and the thugs minds are mutual We congruent, lay on the corner with the trauma unit I'm from the lab where the bomb's distibuted So never try to duplicate the skills executed Son you'd get electrocuted from the worldwide reputed Shine like nickel heat that blow your mind when I shoot it Some know me as the man that's from the Roots crew Others as the bad lieutenant of Snyder Avenue We go an eye for an eye Behead like a samurai that'll command the dynasty until he die Who will imply that I lack a-biliti? Make your words known, amplify the u-tiliti I'm crooked like the "I" on a toxic malt liquor The land whipper, the Dom Perignon champ sipper The fifth'll bring it all together like the zipper on a butter leather The bad lieu a bring the bad weather So to whoever got riff, let it rest Reflect, then recollect on the way it was set It's the veteran architect that flows with the rhythm of sex Be on the low shotgun in the Lex With my man low to flex I'm restin where they handle the Tecs And the lyrical vandal is next flow So my man, my mizza, my man M-ilitant, what's the master plan? Once again... [chorus:] [Malik B.] Peep the oratory, niggaz bore me with theatrics Moms listen to they daughter story about my packets The adverse is on your table, stabilize emotion A soldier at ease, but on post of up most in Brag and boast in my anecdotes that choke Invade your whole terrain, you feel the pain provoke When I breaststroke your wavelength of intensity My alliance bring forth to you an entity Your whole vicinity, I contaminate with hate Got no time to debate, but hold up wait, sit straight It's in mil, the elicit, you violate, you get a ticket MCs you can't tell I expel, you get evicted From out your misery, serve your ass with my delivery Allah makes the ground you steppin on shivery Permanent tears run through your thoughts you queers It's all upstairs, where there's a crowd, table and chairs For years, been on the mic, I'm like a dike with stairs When I strike, I stay severe, niggaz stay low in they glare From over here, my Range Rover square to blast offside Switch the pitch from southpaw to unorthodox I shock your brain with the miscellaneous Who beez the zaniest...nigga with words that are spontaneous? [Black Thought:] A yo, the purpose mainly is to generate the Luther Van Lyrical contraband, controllin your command and... [chorus:] [Black Thought:] All the way live from 2-1-5, all the way live from the 6-1-0 Gettin cash, get the gusto One time, it's the dynasty flow Runnin it down the line, it's another Yeah, you in tune to another ill 5th dynasty production baby [fading out]
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