NOFX - Separation of Church and Skate

The War on Errorism
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Жанр: Punk-Rock
Исполнитель: NOFX
Альбом: The War on Errorism
Длительность: 03:10
Размер: 7,33 Мб
Рейтинг: 1602
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Any_Tale
320 Кб/с

NOFX - Separation of Church and Skate

Текст песни "NOFX - Separation of Church and Skate"

[Father:] Hey Kids! [Kids:] Hey Dad! [Father:] What'do ya want to do today? [Kids:] We don't know. [Father:] Do you wanna go to the matinee? [Kids:] NO! [Father:] Do you wanna go to the Amusement Park? [Kids:] NO! [Father:] Do you wanna go to the punk rock show? [Kids:] Yeah! Let's go to the punk rock show! Lost in a sea of combat boots, flush the bouncers with wasted youth When did punk rock become so safe? When did the scene become a joke? The kids who used to live for beer and speed now want their fries and coke Cursing and flipping birds are not allowed, in fact let's keep noise levels down Must separate the church and skate! Why don't we put pads on the kids? Helmets, head gear and mouth pieces! Then we could pad the floor and walls, put cameras inside bathroom stalls We make sure only nice bands play, make every show a matinee Teach kids to be all they can be, and we could sing my country tis of thee sweet land of liberty Blegh! When did punk rock become so safe? I know it wasn't Duane or Fletcher, Who put up the barricades Like a stake in the heart, Somehow we got driven apart I want conflict! I want dissent! I want the scene to represent... Our hatred of authority, our fight against complacency stop singing songs of girls and love! You killed the owl! You freed the dove! confrontation and politics... Replaced with harmonies and shticks When did punk rock become so tame? These fucking bands all sound the same We want our fights we want our thugs! We want our burns we want our drugs! where is the violent apathy?! These fucking records rated G! When did punk rock become so safe?!
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