N.W.A - Dope Man

N.W.A. and the Posse
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Жанр: Gangsta Rap / West Coast Rap
Исполнитель: N.W.A
Альбом: N.W.A. and the Posse
Длительность: 06:19
Размер: 14,64 Мб
Рейтинг: 1041
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Текст песни "N.W.A - Dope Man"

[Ice Cube] It was once said by a man who couldn't quit Dope man please can I have another hit The dope man said cluck I don't give a shit If your girl kneels down and sucks my dick It all happened and the guy tried 2 choke her Nigga livin in cash selling 2 smokers That's the way goes that's the name of the game Young brotha gettin over by slangin cane Gold around his neck 14 k he has it Bitches on his dick 24-7 plus he's makin Money keepin tha base heads waiting Rollin 6.4. wit tha fresh ass daytons Livin in compton, cailfona ca His uzi up yo ass if he don't get paid Nigga begging 4 credit he's knockin out teeth Clockin much dollars on tha 1st and 15th Big wad of money nuttin less than a twenty Yo u want a five-oh the dope man gots plenty 2 be a dope man boy u must qualify Don't get high off your own supply From a kid 2 a g it's all about money 10 peace base pipe comes free If people out there are not hip 2 tha fact If u see some one gettin money 4 crack he's the [Chorus:] Dope man dope man... [Dr. Dre] Wait a minute who tha fuck are u talkin 2 do u know who I am I can't believe this this bitch iz tryin 2 gank me I'll slap u up side yo head wit 9 inches of limp dick [Ice Cube] u need a nigga wit money so u get a dope man Juice that fool 4 has much as u can She likes his car and he gets wit her Got a black eye cuz tha dope man hit her Let that slide and u pay it no mind Find he's slapping u all tha time That's ok cuz he'z rich and u ain't Nuttin but tha dope man'z bitch do what he say and U keep yo mouth shut popin that trash Might get u fucked up you'll sit and cry If tha dope man strikes u he don't give a fuck He gots 2 just like u There's a another girl in tha dopeman's life Not quite a bitch but far from a wife Shes called strawberry and everybody know Strawberry strawberry iz tha neighborhood hoe Do any thing 4 a hit are 2 give tha bitch a rock And she will fuck your hole damn crew It might be yo wife and it might make u sick Come home and see her mouth on tha dopeman's dick Strawberry just look around you'll see her But don't fuck around she'll give u gonnorhea If people out there ain't hip 2 the fact Strawberry iz a girl selling pussy 4 crack [Chorus] (Ice Cube) If ya smoke ‘caine, you’re a stupid motherfucker; Known around the hood as the schoolyard clucka. Doin’ that crack with all the money ya got; On ya hands & knees, searching 4 a piece of rock. Jonzing 4 a hit, now ya lookin’ 4 more. Doug stole a Alpine outta Eazy’s 6-4. Ya need ya ass whooped coz its outta this Earth; Cant get a 10-piece, need a dollar fifty’s worth. Knucklehead nigga, u turned in2 a crook; But swear up and down, boy, that u ain’t hooked. U beat ya friend up and u whooped his ass long; Coz he hit the pipe till the rock was all gone! U robbin’ and stealin', bugging and illin'; While the dopeman's dealing. What is killin' your pain? Cocaine? This shit's insane; Yo, E, she's a berry, lets run a train! (Eazy-E) Man, I wouldn’t touch that bitch! (Ice Cube) Me neither, hoe go home and wash out ya beaver; And nigga’s are out there, messing up people's health; Yo, what the fuck u gotta say 4 yourself? (Eazy-E) Well, Im the dopeman, yeah boy wear corduroy; Money up 2 here, but unemployed. u keep smoking that rock and my pocket's getting bigger; (Dr. Dre) Yo, got that 5-0, double-up nigga! (Eazy-E) Yeah, high rollin’, big money, Im foldin; Bitch on my tip, 4 the dick, Im holdin. Strong strawberry, jockin’ me so early; Hoe, ya wanna hit? Ya gotta get your knees dirty. Well that's my life, that's how it's cut; “Hey Dopeman!” Bitch shut the fuck up Gotta make a run, it's a big money d
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