ONYX - Fuck Dat (feat. J. Mega, Greg Valentine, Bubba Smith, X-1)

Shut 'Em Down
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Жанр: Hardcore Rap / Underground Rap / East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: ONYX
Альбом: Shut 'Em Down
Длительность: 04:59
Размер: 11,5 Мб
Рейтинг: 3908
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Yoхан
320 Кб/с

ONYX - Fuck Dat (feat. J. Mega, Greg Valentine, Bubba Smith, X-1)

Текст песни "ONYX - Fuck Dat (feat. J. Mega, Greg Valentine, Bubba Smith, X-1)"

Fredro Starr] Yo! Turn that shit up word up! Afficial Nasty Niggas...Fuck Dat! Ya niggas is dead ass! Know what I'm sayin'? We're payin' my niggaz ' All City 'n shit! Word up! Yo Mega Fuck Dat! Rip that Brooklyn shit nigga! [J. Mega (Fredro Starr)] What? What? What? What? What? What? My fleet goals by da creep cold We blaze y'all won't see those you just feel 'em We raise the states in this game, like helium The new millenium, got me in mo' for killin' 'em Green backs, I want a mil (of) 'em! But don't minimum, strictly max out, the ol's put the black out Niggaz be frontin', we take the back rob Now stay with that style, original, wanna act wild? City puttin' cartracks out, as we stack now We're nuthin' to match out, formula See it clearly through my corner-ya This goes out to niggas on the corner, Mega's on ya Rap performer, no diploma, I'm sippin' on Corona, keep my carpet Coma The East New York Soldier, what? (Fuck Dat! That's the All City shit! Yo Greg Valentine!) [Greg Valentine, (Fredro Starr), {Sticky Fingaz}] Yo, the bees be rushin' like petrees(?) You better had that bulletproof vest under ya fleece Then a clever sceam up ya slees, we has to say delease Between the thugs and the police, shit'll never be peace Cause holiday, raise ya weights ya hourly rate We poly for higher states, buyin' fire escapes See this, criminal life is like a 'roll it in dice' Niggaz holdin' they ice, wild bust on a slice Yo it's too often too hot, in this ghetto meldin' pot Put out these fagat ass niggas try to steel what I got As if, that ain't enough, for Jakes is ratin' the spot Where we eat at, but tonight that's where they bleed at That belone her with the flame, throwin' their rain, it's over Prayed to Jehova, jiggaz up, the game's over (All City what, All City what?! Fuck Dat! Yo Sticky) {wassup nigga?}( Come here nigga, Fuck Dat! Let these muthafuckaz know nigga!!!) {I want some NEW SHIT!} (Afficial Nast! What?!!) [Sticky Fingaz, (Fredro Starr)] Oh ooh, here the thug come, from out the dungeon Say goodbye to ya love one, you can't heard from, the dumb dumb Kickin' WACK SHIT! I cut out ya tongue son! I'm in this rap shit for the LOVESONG! Who can stage as soon as the blunt's out? YOU DON'T WANT NONE! But regardless, readin' WILDEST, you get da MILDEST! I muthafuckin', muthafuckin' murder, want charges! You off getargets, kill any rap artist! Still hate ya GUTS!, and hope that ya DIE! If you're not Allah, then yo' ass gotta FRIE! Soon as life is for a life, without no remorse You fucked up BIG TIME, you should've finished me off nigga! (What?! Fuck Dat! Fuck Dat! Afficial Nast what up?! Yo Lefty, I got a new nigga for ya niggaz! Yo Fuck Dat! Step up and shit....) [Bubba Smith, (Fredro Starr), {X-1}] I roll with gat-swingers, that bay arms like tanktops A bunch of problem bringers, that an ass bet ya wanna make your bank stop Guaranteed to make ya block hot, we runnin' the spots We're tired of jizzle 'n rocks, we straight up fuckin' in villains or jachts Got the Big Apple on smash like mobbs, we're livin' hell really?! So we just vanish 'n rob, paper tellin' me we all dyin' from a leg docs(?) So fuck it, it's even get it get-got, so what?! Bring it, I'm closin' now shut, I don't give a FUCK about gettin' popped Them thugs probably heard, left these two guns is al lot! It's my time to go, playa, I'm tryin' to go spittin' you For the dolies, niggaz just press G-O While shoot outs, reachin' f
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