Ludacris - Two Miles An Hour

The Red Light District
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Ludacris
Альбом: The Red Light District
Длительность: 04:46
Размер: 11,03 Мб
Рейтинг: 777
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: SCANDA
320 Кб/с

Ludacris - Two Miles An Hour

Текст песни "Ludacris - Two Miles An Hour"

Yeah.. we gon' send this one out to e'rybody that put mo' into they cars than they do they relationship Let's ride [Chorus: repeat 2X] Two miles an hour, so everybody sees you [repeat 3X] [Luda] It's get out, put my pedal to the flo' and let's roll! [Ludacris] Yesss, 7 cars, 8 cribs and ain't a damn thing changed I'm still pumpin 10 kickers, still grippin the grain Still candy in the paint, still ridin them thangs And most my folks would say I'm happy but I still feel pain Until I, jump in my ride, that's my only escape Me and my automobile's got these neighbors screamin, "Gimme a break!" It's a pity how we turn our city into obstacle courses Don't be mad cause I can't hold my 500 horses Lamborghinis and Porsches, Ferraris and Vipers I'ma wipe the seats witcho' drool then rub the hood with a diaper Television on the gas tank, the fuel make the ass stank I MEAN to be rude, my bass tubes are in a glass tank Go strap your seatbelts on, go put your money up Go put your life on the line, go put your honey up Go spread the word, run and tell all the boys Time to play or better yet it's time to bring out them toys We goin [Chorus] [repeat 4X] Assign your name in the streets (sign your name in the streets) [Ludacris] Yo, one of my ways of releasin tension while I'm releasin some steam Even if I just put a fresh coat of wax on I'm makin sure the slippers is clean The 26's is mean, shut down the block, nigga picture the fiends My system supreme, you can feel the knock, just picture the scene The chickens just scream, whole crew ballin they sick of my team We gettin the cream, I'm through hollerin, I'm livin my dream I'm black with a scheme, won't stop until that fat lady sings And yeah it's actual and factual what my faculty brings A car show for whatever we slide and wherever we glide You can keep your rules and regulations man cause we don't abide And we lookin alive, Mercedes Benz, 6 or the 5 In a Beamer, Lexus or Ac', we don't know how to act when we drive And I fiend for the ride, I lay back and lean to the side Onlookers and turnin heads is all that's seen through his eyes I'm breezin on by, and no doubt, it's easy to fly But it's even better when you slow down or ease to the side and go [Chorus] [Ludacris] I'm ridin up in, GTO's, and fo'-fo'-two's Grand Prixs, S-S's cause we so so cool Ridin Regals or the 'llacs, we in Chevelles and Verts Skylarks, motorcycles, ATV's with the works Malibus and Camaros, T-Birds and Novas Escalades, Navigators, Expeditions and Rovers H-2's and Denalis, pickup trucks with the beams Crown Vics, Monte Carlos, even Cutlass Supremes are goin [Chorus] [repeat 4X] Assign your name in the streets (sign your name in the streets)
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