Kino (2) - Losers' Day Parade

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Жанр: Progressive Rock
Исполнитель: Kino (2)
Альбом: Picture
Длительность: 09:04
Размер: 20,76 Мб
Рейтинг: 561
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: jazzman
320 Кб/с

Kino (2) - Losers' Day Parade

Текст песни "Kino (2) - Losers' Day Parade"

Maverick, well do you recall the feelings you were sold? Like Manhattan in the fall and all the washed away brigade within the soul How it flickered in the neon by the seventh, And so meaninglessly sentimental Maverick, now we only want the feelings we can sell Near the bridge beyond eleventh where you contemplate the candle on the wall Mesmerizing, how it flickers by the subway, yeah, Well we can sell it all Now you turn to me like a friend Your stock is rising again Sell yourself and I'll try to pretend At least that's something Figures up but predictions are low Carry you all the way to the show So for now you've got nowhere to go I'll drop you later These are the days and the stakes are so high No one will say that they care as much as I do... She waits for you by the stage So glittering and engaged Much too late for you to engage In awkward silence Say the word and she'll always be there Intentions perfectly clear Telling you all that you need to hear And it's all for you And she says... These are the days when you make me alive No one will say that they love you as much as I do... Shut up! Shut up! Hair spray, deranged, the smell of in-between still lingers And the cheapness just keeps reaping to the old refrains still lingering The only sound you hear, the quiet falling of the rain inside Your beautiful playground on this Losers' Day parade Maverick, you idiot, the meakeup and the fakeup, All the falsy just like palsy and you still don't learn Excuses are so stupid, your remedial behaviour With all this comfort purchase and you still won't learn So to the ironbound section of the Avenue L Where the disperate faces come to see what you sell Live divine, feelings once mine, charcoal color of your soul If I carved you heart right onto my skin You were never in my thougts when I turned to sing Cut the wire, wait a pointless hour, meaningless never should have been So the architect wants a prettier song Like a dead end anthem for the kids gone wrong Immaculate dreams chasing beautiful scenes, designs for life (into your heart) Hey Mr. Nameless, do I seem a bit insensitive? I'm trying to forget what you are... Well I'm hoping you have seen us and it will not come between us So how could you let it go this far? Dead nobodies in company cars... Is this the radio that's safely saturating you, I pray that you rmemeber when the wheels stop spinning I walk to the wreckage and I dream of middle England This consolation travelled so far... Dead nobodies in company cars... This lonliness wherever you are... Dead nobodies in company cars...
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