D12 - Just Like U

D12 World
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: D12
Альбом: D12 World
Длительность: 03:32
Размер: 8,18 Мб
Рейтинг: 3285
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Samovar
320 Кб/с

D12 - Just Like U

Текст песни "D12 - Just Like U"

[Eminem] Daddy? [Chorus: children singing - repeat 2X] I wanna be just like you When I grow up, just like you I wanna be just like you When I grow up, just like you [Bizarre] You don't wanna be just like your daddy Pimpin hoes, out here drivin Caddy's Runnin around town, fuckin with skeezers Shots in your ass, catchin diseases Son - your daddy got a foul mouth For fuckin - bitches in they foul mouth I can't help it, my group's D12 All we do is pop pills and stay in jail Talkin nasty shit, Bizarre won't stop I fuck two twins, with a midget on top (yeah!) A sick mind, rapin an old lady Knowin damn well Bizarre shouldn't have a baby All I can teach you, learn how to mack Smoke crack, smack a bitch when she talk back (bitch!) Matter of fact, smack your sister she's a slut Don't you realize, Bizarre don't give a fuck? HAHAHA! [Chorus] [Bizarre] Don't go to school, become a Catholic priest Sell crack to your Auntie Denice If Auntie Denice is short forty cent Make her get on the ground and {fuck} a small {*edited*} Nas is gon' probably hate me When Mos Def hear this, he probably gon' suffocate me Why they let Bizarre rap on Hi-Tek track? All he gon' do is talk about hoes and smokin crack If your wife is pregnant, I call a whore Leave her no money, and go out on tour Nahh, hah, I'm playin - leave her somethin A pack of hot dogs and a fuckin dirty muffin (damn!) You're my son, I'm tryin to teach you somethin You're {*edited*} years old, it's time to start fuckin You know daddy won't give you no wrong advice Smoke weed, then listen to Obie Trice [Chorus] [Bizarre] HAHAHA! [Chorus] [Bizarre] All I can tell you how to do is pop pills and stay high .. and tell a bitch to suck a dick, AH-HAH! I'm a pimp, playah! A motherfuckin role model Hi-Tek
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