Beastie Boys - Alright Hear This

Ill Communication
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Жанр: Hip-Hop / Rapcore / Funk Rock
Исполнитель: Beastie Boys
Альбом: Ill Communication
Длительность: 03:07
Размер: 7,13 Мб
Рейтинг: 1394
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Zenk
320 Кб/с

Beastie Boys - Alright Hear This

Текст песни "Beastie Boys - Alright Hear This"

Because I Grab The Microphone And I Pick It Up And Then I Fuck It Up And Then I Turn It In And Then I Turn It Out, Got The Body Rockin' Sound And Then You Know I'm Gonna Get Down And Eat A Scooby Snack And Take Disco Nap Because I'm Shopping At Sears, 'Cause I Don't Buy At The Gap Sending This One Out To All The Funky Inspirations Pretty Purdie On The Drums With The Beat Relations Well, I'm Working On Rhymes, They're Coming Line By Line Trying To Put What I Feel Into Word And Rhymes I've Got A Feeling Coming On, I've Got To Make Some Shit A Little Something Stupid, For The Twisted And Sick Because I Drive Like A Maniac On The Streets And I Don't Give Fuck 'Cause I've Got The Beats Got My Nuts Swingin' From Left To Right And Right To Left And I'm Death Defying Alright Hear This Alright Hear This I Spin My Fortune On A Wheel Like Sajak Here's The Payback Keep Going Strong Like Since The Way Back I Try To Be Myself But I Lose Track 'Cause The Shit Gets Complicated Now I've Got To Get Back As We Learn To Breed Love For One Another In These Times Of Melying Cultures I Give Respect For What's Been Borrowed And Lent I Know This Music Comes Down From African Descent Because I Don't Need A Magic Potion Let Me Talk About Back Field In Motion My Girls Got Cheeks For Weeks And I'm Happy You Know I'm A Sneak Like My Old Grand Pappy I Gotta Give Thanks To My Man Archie Shep For Staying True To Inspiration And I Don't Half Step So I Kick Out The Jams And Tell You Who I Am And I Talk To The People Like Les Mccann [Chorus] I Ask God For A Rhyme Or Two A Little Something For The Wise As Well As The Fool A Little Something To Affect A Little Taste Of Change For The Together And The Strong As Well As the Dearanged I'll Do You Right Like Bobby Knight And Then I'm Rapping On The Mic To The Broadway Light Stomp My Hands, I Clap My Feet And I'm Bugging Off Yusef Lateef I Got A Match To My Ass And I'm A Keep It Lit I Need To Get Some Cash, Call My Accountant Britt I'm Rushing Around Town Taking Care Of My Functions Always Got One More Thing So Forget About Function We Create This World And The Problems Go On Create Our Lives And The Things That Go Wrong So To The Deaf, The Blind, Look Around And Listen To What It Is You Want And For What You're Wishing [Chorus]
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