Sting - Fill Her Up

Brand New Day
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Жанр: Pop / Pop-Rock / World
Исполнитель: Sting
Альбом: Brand New Day
Длительность: 05:38
Размер: 13,06 Мб
Рейтинг: 3109
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: TRAMP
320 Кб/с

Sting - Fill Her Up

Текст песни "Sting - Fill Her Up"

(Sting) Mobile station where I stand This old gas pump in my hand The Boss don't like me, got a face like a weasel Oil on my hands and the smell of diesel. Here comes the big shot, (James Taylor) Here he comes! (Sting) From the city. (James Taylor) God Damn! (Sting) V-8 engine, she runs so pretty (James Taylor) "Woo! Fill 'er up son, unleaded. I need a full tank of gas where I'm headed (Sting) Up in the front seat a pretty red head (James Taylor) "We're going to Vegas we're gonna get wed" "So fill her up son, don't be staring Yeah that's a real diamond she be wearing." (Sting) I'm gonna treat my baby one day. I'm gonna fill her up and head West. I'm gonna find some money alright. (James Taylor) Yeah That's it. (Sting) See those tail lights heading West I got no money to invest I got no prospects, no education I was lucky to getting a job at this gas station That old cash box (both) That old cash box (Sting) On the top shelf (both) On the top shelf (Sting) The boss is sleeping (both) The boss is sleeping (Sting) I'll just help myself Let's consider this as just a loan I can sort it out later on the phone I'm gonna pick my girl up tonight I'm gonna fill her up and head West I'm gonna show her all the bright lights We're gonna say we lived 'for we come home And as I head through the woods on the way back The evening sun is slanting through the pine trees real pretty It's like i walked into a glade of heaven And there's music playing And this money is cold in my hand And voice somewhere id saying: "Why would you wanna take that stolen thing And what real happiness can it bring?" (both) Ahhh Ohhhh Ahhhh Ohhhh Ahhhohhhh......Ohhhh You're gonna fill her up with sadness You're gonna fill her up with shame You're gonna fill her up with sorrow Before she even takes your name You're gonna fill her up with madness You're gonna fill her up with blame You're gonna live with no tommorow You're gonna fill her up with pain You're gonna fill her up darkness You're gonna fill her up with night (Sting) You gotta fill her up with Jesus! You gotta fill her up with light! (both) Fill her up! You gotta fill her up with spirit You've gotta fill her up with grace You gotta fill her up with heaven You've got the rest of life to face (Sting) You've gotta fill her up the right way You gotta fill her up with care You gotta fill her up with babies You gotta fill her up and swear Youre gonna love that girl forever Youre gonna fill her up for life Youre gonna be a loving husband Shes gonna be your loving wife You gotta fill her up with gladness You gotta fill her up with joy You gotta fill her up with love You gotta fill her up with love
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