G-Unit - Kitty Kat

T.O.S: Terminate on Sight
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: G-Unit
Альбом: T.O.S: Terminate on Sight
Длительность: 03:49
Размер: 8,78 Мб
Рейтинг: 1132
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Boosie
320 Кб/с

G-Unit - Kitty Kat

Текст песни "G-Unit - Kitty Kat"

[50 Cent] + (Tony Yayo) (Yeah, yeah) Yeah (G-UNIT!!) My Polo on (check) my Dolce on (check) It's my crew and Polow Da Don I get that kitty ma (yeah!) I get that cash boo Shake that kitty girl, shake that ass hoe! [Chorus: woman] Owww, I need cash for my kitty cat Owww, I need cash for my kitty cat Owww, I need cash for my kitty cat [TY] Well girl I get pussy for free, I'm hittin that Owww, I need cash for my kitty cat Owww, I need cash for my kitty cat Owww, I need cash for my kitty cat [50] But bitch I get pussy for free, I'm hittin that [Tony Yayo] Big boy Bentley, big boy semi Niggaz wanna kill me, ain't worth nigga pennies I drop a bag off, and the uz' will spray you I need six pockets like a pool table These hoes love me, these hoes love my pimpin They in the Phantom, clickin on they Cablevision Dope, I got the Chef Boyardee bags Coke, I got it runnin out the rehab Hoes like, "Why he actin so Hollywood? Cause there's a chauffeur in his 300 Hollywood" I'm hot, no ghostwriter for the mic Basically the Hollywood writer on strike, YEAH! [Chorus] [50 Cent] She got what I want, want (uh-huh) She got what I need, need (that's right) She rollin my blunt, blunt (yeah) Bitch hand me my weed, weed... {*growls*} I'm so ghetto, I'm so, I'm so ghetto On the low, I creeps, I moves with my metal I be's in the club with my burner like WHAT I done did so much dirt, I ain't tryin to get CUT I'm a bad boy, that bad boy they wan' fuck with They like that black on black rims on the Caddy truck kid I make that hard white flip, nigga since "Get Rich" My jewels so sick, they talk to a bitch Like, get in get in! You and your friend He sold ten mil' twice, he fin' to do it again ALL ABOARD! Bitch don't miss the train 50 that nigga, fuck wrong with yo' brain, huh? [Chorus] [Lloyd Banks] I don't pay for kitten, are ya kiddin? Well it's the kid A.K.A., in and out your sister's crib Mr. So Fly, I O.D. the stores My car damn near fly, it got eagle doors Before you see me off, you'll see hell freeze You got a V-12? I got 12 V's It's only so many months, you do the math I'm a smoker, it's so many blunts for you to pass on me Girl you crazy, got on B.B., rollin And your mouth'll be, foamin if I keep, keep goin You might see, me, frozen cause I'm holdin I done told 'em If yo' game can't control 'em, then she's as good as stolen
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