The Game - Freestyle

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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: The Game
Альбом: S.W.A.T.
Длительность: 01:32
Размер: 1,4 Мб
Рейтинг: 1060
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: specTOR_D
128 Кб/с

The Game - Freestyle

Текст песни "The Game - Freestyle"

We bout to burn the muthafucking streets up with this shit Breakfast club I want to welcome everybody to the muthafuckin rap room This aint a mixtape This is life! Its been a long time get me accuainted with the world famous You know how 0 point my aim is Long range snipers, clash of the titans chrome python In this 300 like lee knightis Snob in the bulbllegoose, riding down the interstate Where fiend put them needles in they arm and let them penetrate Leaning sideways with my fitted straight With 27's on point, the paintjob are new york minute made Check my armor no clouds in my stones Projects ringin standing by the cornerstore Two glock on me, bang bang its the wanted war That was so fly, now we bought anotha store Screaming out thug life pouring belve on ya heart Money I'm involved with it, wake up and ball with it Kobe can song with it, uncut raw with it Chop bricks take trips ot, We before I had a goatee, I used to bag the OC Yeah, fish scale nigga, what up ghost this Stashin by the old tree, moving by coke leaf Drama let the lama lick niggas like Charles Oaklee Nigga dont assult me, I banana boat b r c k esses And stuck em in a lexus Im sitting fat like Preciouse, Christ up on the necklace And I keep them clipse on a dresser Yes sir, I'm bout bar, Louis bag and fuck em all Bitches money and fast car, nigga I want it all Yeah, word to my kids nigga, I want it all Nascar game, why the fuck will I starr Im the franchize nigga, Chris fucking Paul Empty out the caNNON hit ya bitch you the truck and AR With drop twohundred thousand and then fuck it off King of the hell got em done bitch cut raw She begged the last nigga, on as if she suckin soft Black Superman, yeah I'm a butter law I put this hollowtip on quarter inch you broken jaw ER be fucking strong Blindfold your bitch toss her in the trunk After the first 48 that bitch smelling like a skunk Its a rap, I rap, when I rap the punk Dont be any game mind you on tellin rap the bunks The breakfast club nigga no capitain crunch, This for my dog niggas that eat cats for lunch Im hungry like I aint trapped in months So nigga actin stunt my glock packed a punch Or have em catch em when send the pinebox Leave your head wrapped up months, while I passed the blunt To my niggas, we all rocked out whats up jiggas Sometimes I be in B K, with Fab on the freeway Lincoln continental and I copped it off on ebay I pop champ like its my b day, force power Under my hood like its an olympic relay My Flow Rida on time, no delay I rais a million dollars send it off to CHILE Word to my red cross, I dont fuck with redcross Im all mad nigga EA, I'm in VA Money talks with Dre and Pharrell on threeway Them 28's thats my dj they spinning shit When I took trips OT, I never winning shit I just drop then cop, and then I tennis shit Diddy and mike, yes, I'm All About The Benjamins In there for the benefits I be down in ten on six Tell em get me a porterhouse, and some ass to bind it in Dam that was good, but I'm still hungry And I'm living it, I be out in venice shit They say weezy jobbed, nigga I'm on my bidness shit They say Drake Lebron, I'm on my Moe Williams shit If T.I.P is kobe then fuck it, I'm Derek Fissccher shit Long as I'm on the starting five I'ma get it in Cause I promised the city of Compton I would get it in I was outcasted andre, benjamin Now I slide through in my dominican woman friend She like putting on sinners in, yeah You sip me hills, expensive whines perril sell It aint tricking, I just spend money on cheap thrills Big phantoms, sweet wheels Back see like a club make them bitches eat pills Take patrone shots to the purse with chrome glock Jay Electronica, this a dome shot So I had to steal it, nigga I had the
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