Snowgoons - The Hatred (feat. Slaine, Singapore Kane & Lord Lhus)

Black Snow
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Snowgoons
Альбом: Black Snow
Длительность: 03:52
Размер: 8,94 Мб
Рейтинг: 5215
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: T-Killaz
320 Кб/с

Snowgoons - The Hatred (feat. Slaine, Singapore Kane & Lord Lhus)

Текст песни "Snowgoons - The Hatred (feat. Slaine, Singapore Kane & Lord Lhus)"

[Intro: Slaine] God I think the world is about to collapse! C’mon The buildings and walls are all falling If you don’t know, you should by now It’s the motherfucking Snowgoons (Snowgoons in the building) And you’re rocking with Singapore Kane And Slaine Motherfucker fucking around no more No one's fucking around. C'mon It’s 2008 dummy [Verse 1: Slaine] All eyes are staring at me, people watching the villain They see me rising with the rebels to the top of the building Being stuck down at the bottom is the vilest feeling Desolate soul for vodka that’s swilling, popping the pilling Jealously swirling in their eyes, they’re plotting to kill 'em But I been there and believe me, I ain’t forgotten the feeling I lived the dark nights and heard the paint drops from the ceiling I mean the raindrops hang in ‘caine spots with dealers Now fighting a different war, smoking less, sniffing more Every week a different chore, every month a different tour I got a gang of haters everyday I piss 'em off a little more What you think I got a fucking pistol for Jealousy’s a disease that affect my enemies They’re scheming while they’re sipping on the Hennessy Me, I’m overseas making G’s like I stick banks Rocking mics, sniffing foreign coke out of Swiss Francs [Hook: Lord Lhus (X2)] We bring the devastation, never a moment of hesitation When we smash your face and leave your blood pasted upon the pavement The sons of Satan, keeping it rugged, fuck the debating! What you talking about? You weak! Our fury is full of hatred [Verse 2: Singapore Kane] It’s no benefits trying to test me and my affiliates Soon as you consider it we smack dudes illiterate Sidestep the petty shit, forever it’s a militant’s mission To get the cheese and stretch it like mozzarella sticks Test me, I’m ready, my girl got my machete And she’s ready to cut your throat like Chequeta in Belly You was hard as a rock, now you sweeter than jelly No one believes the shit that you spit on your telly Despite how you think it looks, I never play by the books The silent kid in the room is really the biggest crook Pulling out the biggest jux, fill every cranny and nook Fight to the death with guns and knives and left hooks Dude's talk the talk but they don’t walk any similar We’ll separate your soul from your body like oil and vinegar High off the sticky, insane when I’m sober Spit poison in my verse like killer cobras [Verse 3: Lord Lhus] The style raw, kick it rugged like its sting’ll crack your face This demonic place, ditched me in hell what I create This the rhyme squad, so my mind is gone with the wind I’m better than half you rappers who faking it like pretend To the end I’ma murder this, MC’s keep on observing this I hear you bite my shit and they’re gonna find you where the murder was I kick it ill sick twisted acapella when I rock a fella Rolling with dime bitches and cock inhalers My rhyme is torture, slowly pulling out your guts While your whole body soaked in alcohol and paper cuts Then the knife slides into your right thigh You think you might die, you right, you see the visions of your life fly Right past you, my clique’ll really bash you Into your skull then suck your brains out like a vacuum My backroom is filled with goons and street thugs Killers hate love, swing at me coward, I'll pull a straight thug [Hook: Lord Lhus (X2)]
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