Snowgoons - Black Snow (feat. Ill Bill & Apathy)

Black Snow
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Snowgoons
Альбом: Black Snow
Длительность: 03:02
Размер: 7,02 Мб
Рейтинг: 1859
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: T-Killaz
320 Кб/с

Snowgoons - Black Snow (feat. Ill Bill & Apathy)

Текст песни "Snowgoons - Black Snow (feat. Ill Bill & Apathy)"

feat. Apathy, Ill Bill (Ill Bill) Ill Bill Apathy Brooklyn Goons to Snowgoons Demigodz LCN Doerakers (Chorus Apathy) Watch out where them Snowgoons go We make the sky bleed black snow Not after your cash, we're after your soul We make the sky bleed black snow Watch out where them Snowgoons go We make the sky bleed black snow Not after your cash, we're after your soul We make the sky bleed black snow (Verse 1 Ill Bill) I'm a diamond in the ruff Leave hollows in the gun Leave large holes in your skull Cause you ain't never coming home You never fuckin survive Im leaving nothin alive Nobody's gonna escape Everybody is gonna die Like the angel of death Creep up with the 45's And chrome 9's Don't love loss and no smile No mercy no retreat No surrender coke and heroin Im the man on the street Like a old school metal hero Ridin dirty mind perverted Shooting pornos behind the iron curtain Do more dirty than Talik torture Fuck peace im a violent person My mind is distorted and fuck the pal at verizon circuits Uncle howie records there be drugs around me forever A foundation of terror that rise together Buck off dimes motherfuck dames together We fight till the motherfuckin' death and die together La coka (Chorus Apathy) (Verse 2 Apathy) Motherfucker I'm suits In a bubble goose with timberland boots They try to hang me with a noose I whip a tree from its roots In k1x hoops with loose If ya if ya got a general and hidden troops I got a blender full of forbidden fruits The force of my flows can fraction 40 bottles Got a posse of apostles and pussy from super models I'm a monster with marshpicks powerful as brack bits Launch you rock kids from clock clips and mack six The mausberg massive the kill sound clash Only fuck big chicks with a big round ass Outlast motherfuckers I'll be taking out trash Need to get up get out just listen to outkast Aps flows smack foes jack doe mack hoes Spitting rhymes making dictators resign like castro The heavy ammunition is the weapon of choice Run up on these mothafuckers like "sprechen sie deutsch'" (Chorus Apathy)
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