Styles P - Good Times

A Gangster And A Gentleman
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Styles P
Альбом: A Gangster And A Gentleman
Длительность: 03:32
Размер: 8,14 Мб
Рейтинг: 1122
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: T-Killaz
320 Кб/с

Styles P - Good Times

Текст песни "Styles P - Good Times"

I Get High, I Get High I Get High, I Get High I Get High, I Get High I Get High on your memories High on your memories High on your memories I Get High, high, high, high (Everyday) I Get High, high, high, high (Everynight) I Get High, high, high, high (All the time) Highhhh (In background thoughout song) [Verse One- Styles] Everyday I need an ounce and a half S.P.: the only flow'er that you know with a bounce in a half Listen kid, I need a mountain of cash So I could roll up, hop in the whip and like, bounce to the ave I get, high cuz I'm in the hood, the guns in around It take a blunt just to ease the pain that humble me now And I'd rather roll somethin up Cuz if I'm sober dogg, I just might flip, grab my guns and hold somethin up I get high as a kite I'm in the zone all alone, muthafucka 'case I'm dyin tonight So I roll em up back to back, fat as I could You got beef with Styles P, I come to slide to the hood [Chorus] I Get High, high, high, high (Everyday) I Get High, high, high, high (Everynight) I Get High, high, high, high (All the time) High, high, high, high (Everyday) I Get High, high, high, high (Everynight) I Get High, high, high, high (All the time) I Get High, high, high, high Highhhh [Verse Two- Styles] Ayo, I smoke like a chim-in-ney Matta fact I, smoke like a gun When a killa see his enemy I smoke like Bob Marley did Add to that, that I smoke like the Hippies did back in the 70's Spit with the finishing touch Get this, that I'ma finish you before I finish the dutch I get high like the birds and the planes I get high when, bullets hit faces after words exchanged I get a rush off the blunt and the walls, you understand Like the M-5 pedal when its touchin the floor I get high cuz fuck it, what's better to do And I'ma neva give a fuck cuz I'm better than you [Chorus] [Verse Three- Styles] I'ma smoke til my lungs collapse I'm from a era where Niggas cause terror over guns and crack Where a dolla bill is powerful I smoke weed cuz time seem precious, and I know what a hour do High for a livin, gots ta ride for a livin Wit my real gangsta niggas that'll die for a livin Shit I get as high as I could Cuz if you see things like I see things Cuz I'ma die in the hood Muthafucka understand its full service to you I don't smoke the weed if it aint purple or blue And you could name any rapper, if you want he could die This is S.P. dump it in, you bitch I get high [Chorus Til Fade]
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