Massive Attack - Blue Lines

Blue Lines
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Жанр: Trip-Hop
Исполнитель: Massive Attack
Альбом: Blue Lines
Длительность: 04:22
Размер: 9,99 Мб
Рейтинг: 5366
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: magda
320 Кб/с

Massive Attack - Blue Lines

Текст песни "Massive Attack - Blue Lines"

Can't be with the one you love then love the one you're with Spliff in the ashtray, red stripe I pull the lid Her touch tickles, especially when she's gentle But I don't hear her words 'cause I slide the instrumental Keep the girl in the distance, moves are very hazy No sunshine in my life the way I deal is shady Skip hip data to get the anti-matter Blue lines are the reason why the temple had to shatter To the sound of silence surrounded by the mass Her face is on the paper not the strangers that I pass The ones that looking back to see if they are looking back at me Are you predator or do you fear me Yeah while I'm doing this I know The place I really wanna go The one I love but never gets near me It's a beautiful day, well it seems as such Beautiful thoughts means I dream too much Even if I told you, you still would not know me Tricky never does, adrian mostly gets lonely How we live in this existence, just being English upbringing, background carribean It's the way that we ability Sharing a soliloquy We cut the broken thread from flexibility Mi chiamo 3D si sono Inglese No sunshine in my life 'cause the way I deal is hazy And everyday's a daisy 'cause I'm on my toes While contemporaries of mine remaining comatose There's a looking glass she's looking through She hated me, but then she loved me too I'd lie not try so I lost faith Then turn to her to keep the faith She told me take an occupation or you lose your mind And on a nine to five lemon, looking for the lime Box clever, watch your system come together Crazy weather at the end of my tether Massive in the area, murderer Attack inna the area, murderer Some go softly softly round the habitat Ratchet in the right hand They got no one to stab it at Take a walk billy, don't be a hero Effort's on minimal though almost touch zero Excommunicated from the brotherhood of man To wander lonely as a puzzled anagram Car paint blue, green, primer and zinc Take it to extremities my purple and pink I feel the colours fill my room beneath the patter of the rain I can't stand the drops they're dripping down my windowpane They wash away my shadow and don't even leave a spark upon my soul They leave the rainbows in the dark Blues get big, massive are even larger Save nuff space into the tricky tardis We'd trawl what I saw from down in darren's hall People laying their claim In stormy weather it's rain But you're living on a see-saw I try to see more Silver papers of the sound within my budakon headset The solar system watches in wisdom The children dance as the moonlight kissed them To Massive attack Matt Black appear wearing beads Two hours traveling so I wrote this on repeat Always living fast, people getting jumpy ...
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