Gangsta Boo - Hard Not 2 Kill (feat. DJ Paul)

Both Worlds *69
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Gangsta Boo
Альбом: Both Worlds *69
Длительность: 05:08
Размер: 11,83 Мб
Рейтинг: 371
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: iLLegal MuZic
320 Кб/с

Gangsta Boo - Hard Not 2 Kill (feat. DJ Paul)

Текст песни "Gangsta Boo - Hard Not 2 Kill (feat. DJ Paul)"

What's the motherfucking business? I'm tryna tell ya it's hard not to kill you chicken-head ass hoes Talking all that motherfucking shit, but it's all good I done caught a few charges, I ain't scared to catch some more You hear me bitch? Come to my motherfucking do' and watch me Pluck yo' motherfucking feathers [Verse 1] I'm the girl about the cash, I'm the lady with the mask I'm the one with the trigger, watch me pull it, make it blast I'm the one who got some niggas, I'm the one who got the gat I'm the one they call "Miss Lady Gangsta" sweep you off the map What, you tryna step to me 'cuz you feeling like a killer? In my eyes, I see bloody skies, dump you in a river I'm the motherfucking girl who talking all that shit I'm the first lady of the motherfucking triple six I'm the first one to call a hit on yo' fucking crew I'm the one who got you whacked cuz you fucked with Gangsta Boo I'm the one who be yelling, "Blaze the blunt" if you got it I'm the one that's yelling "Sike" cuz I got my own fire If you haters wanna rumble bring yo' anna to the do' Hoe you know how you can get me, you can catch me at a show This is how I represent for my ghetto-gangsta niggas If you want a gangsta-girl, holla at a lady boy! [Chorus: 4X] It's hard not to kill niggas It's like an everyday job not to kill niggas (I'll kill) Niggas you better know that [Verse 2] You need a girl that's gonna get high with you Lie with you, cry with you Ride with you, die with you All that type of shit I'll do I'm the type of girl that's gonna be down for mine All the time, on the grind Ready to ride, folks by my side without spilling a dime It really don't even matter to me Dwelling, I'm chilling in the B.H.Z. Flipping the script, and coming so clean I'll forever be known as La-to the-Dy (lady) Bitches and niggas can't feed off of me I'm riding and mobbing with H to the C P to the posse, you haters can't stop a bitch because it's meant to be Gangsta, the gangsta is coming so hard I be known as the bitch with the attitude Listen, you hear me, I'm saying it's all to the good Don't be a damn fool You need a girl that's gone holla out your do' "The folks is kicking in your do' " I be the one that be coming like my name is "Cleo" Be knocking you straight to the flo' I love gangsta niggas, gangsta niggas love me Me and a gangsta nigga got our fucking family This is how I represent for my ghetto-gangsta niggas If you want a gangsta girl, holla at a lady boy! Chorus (4x) [Verse 3] Fuck them other niggas, I be hanging with my fucking click Out to get that cheddar, cuz it's better when you having shit Doing gangsta stuff got me sitting off in a beamer truck Gangsta like to fuck, hit me later, let me know what's up Marching and stepping, I got the bullets, I'm gonna use em' Professional slanger i'm out the jump (talking: Unlock the motherfucking do'!) I'm packing the weapon, commence to steppin up to your face As I buck, you will die, I bounce the scene and without a trace If it's anna to handle, the Misses Gangsta is bout her biz I be coming and gunnin', I thought you hoes knew what time it is When you see me you know that it's some shit, cuz I don't come out I'll be in yo' house, I'm on the couch with the pistol out I be taking them chances cuz I'm a gangsta that's claiming clout If you bitches keep pressing off in my grill, I'm a choke you out This is how I represent for my ghetto-gangsta niggas If you want a gangsta girl, holla at a lady boy
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