Project Pat - Out There

Ghetty Green
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Жанр: Hip-Hop / Underground Rap / Southern Rap
Исполнитель: Project Pat
Альбом: Ghetty Green
Длительность: 04:20
Размер: 9,97 Мб
Рейтинг: 360
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: iLLegal MuZic
320 Кб/с

Project Pat - Out There

Текст песни "Project Pat - Out There"

[Hook] Blunt to my lips, gun on my hip Rocks in my sock, pocket full of chips Watchin' for the pigs, splittin' hater's wigs Stackin' me some grip, player can you dig? Blunt to my lips, gun on my hip Rocks in my sock, pocket full of chips Watchin' for the pigs, splittin' hater's wigs Stackin' me some grip, player can you dig? [Verse 1] Project Pat, a nigga that's down for his crown mane If yo' ass step, I'mma be down town mane Fourth floor bound mane, that's if I get caught mane Pushed me to the edge, so it really ain't my fault mane See I gotta die mane, don't you even try mane Enemies gonna bleed once I let these bullets fly mane Momma gonna cry mane, I like to get high mane Niggas passin' plates, snorting line after line mane I got's to get mine mane, robbin' was the crime mane That a nigga did, but I done served my time mane Put that all behind mane, get out on the grind mane Slang some of this dope, in the street or my ride mane See I ain't a fool mane, fuck listenin' to you mane Why you in my grill, and you knowin' we ain't cool mane Project ain't a duck mane, see I know what's up mane Get up off my dick, like a motherfuckin' slut mane [Hook x2] [Verse 2] Where I'm from mane, ain't no sunshine gonna shine On a dog's ass if his ass don't get on a grind Doing time helped a nigga out, to clear up my head Used to have a shank in the light, that was by my bed It was said, I would end up dead, working in the street But the street is the only thing I see paying me Quarter-ki, fuck servin' deals, rockin' to the shake Slanging guns, slanging T.V.'s mane I'm tryna' make All I can my nigga, French ho [?] at a ho's house Get her drunk, take her to the back, put dick in her mouth Leave the front door unlocked, my nig turn the radio Pulled the car up into the yard, cleaning out the ho You should know that a burglary, really ain't for me I just got out the 'tentiary, tryna' get on my feet Get the cheese, off the merchandise, went and bought a deal Nigga please, you say you don't steal, I'mma keep it real [Hook x2] [Verse 3] Haters like to get a playa twisted in that bullshitta A game-spitter, I'm also a wig-splitter Yo' ass getta, shot up by the nine milla Your cap I drilla, when fuckin' with a real nigga The chrome trigga' should regulate a punk quicker The bullet hit ya', I'm zoned off that brown liquor You need to get ya' nose out a nigga's biz Quit spreading rumors like a motherfuckin' punk bitch My trunk is the bed for a kidnap victim Hollowpoint hit him, pull out my gun your hands you get them Up in the airra because you came to me in error Don't want to scare ya', say you a man then face the terror I know these bullets will pop ya' shit off like a melon Let's bust it up, bad as fuck, man who you tellin' It's armageddon, in North Memphis crack we sellin' You pass me that purple weed, is what they yellin' [Hook]
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