DMX - I Miss You (feat. Faith Evans)

The Great Depression
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: DMX
Альбом: The Great Depression
Длительность: 04:41
Размер: 10,82 Мб
Рейтинг: 3381
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: dog4life
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DMX - I Miss You (feat. Faith Evans)

Текст песни "DMX - I Miss You (feat. Faith Evans)"

I know that my saviour lives and at the end he will stand on this earth My flesh may be destroyed but from this body i will see god Yes i will see him for myself and i long for that moment.... Gran'ma, i really miss you and it ain't been the same I drop a tear when i hear ur name Mary ella holloway why you gotta be so far away? You used to say "Don't worry, it's gone be ok" But it ain't. It's like, when you left, you took the Lord wit you Why could not i come when he came to get you? Damn, i really miss you i had to say it again I remember the time when i was like, ten And crept up in the neighbor's yard, yeah, bein hardheaded You told me that i would get it, you said it! and boy did i get it! But after you spanked me, you hugged me Kissed me on my forehead and told me that you loved me And swore that it hurt you more than it hurt me I thought how bad could this hurt be? I know now that's why i'm dead outta luv Whut i wouldn't give for one more hug From gran'ma [chorus sung by Faith Evans] "Baby, it's gone be Ok" She usta tell me that.... "Baby, it's gone be Ok" I really miss Gran'ma But i'm about to say a couple of family members gone hate me But i'm gonna let you know whut's been goin on lately You know since you left a lot of things bout your kids done changed Yah jackie's still crazy and i don't know what's up with james Ain't seen jerry in a while, you know he walks like you And rene's back in jail, you know she talk like you But Q is doin real good now, she workin' Rhonda's still runnin around, trickin, jerkin' Bogat buggin', he gone lost his mind And jamar back outta jail, doin' fine And collie he gone changed it's not all about hisself And my father.... well.... that's sumthin else.... And butt he's my dogg he done owe his grandma ground My great gran'ma makin a lout of trips outta town But that's a good thing, if only i could hear you say once more Oh Lord [chorus] You left behind a mother, eleven kids and eleven grand kids And since then two of your grand kids then had kids I had a boy named Tacoma, Xavieur Gerb That's right... it was Xavieur that made you a great grandmother Uhhh i thank you for the best times of my life I thank you for when you first met her, accepted, and luvvin my wife I thank you for those sunday dinners, tehy were aiight I thank you for my life (WHUT!) i thank you for my bible (UHH!) I thank you for the song that you sang in the morning "AMAZING GRACE" Up in the garden I thank you for the two beatings that you gave me Cuz i know somewhere along the line, those two beatins saved me When you died, i cried like a baby AHH! I begged the lord to take me UHHH Cuz no-one else could give me whut u gave me And like when everything comes to an end I pray that i go to heaven to see you again Amen [chorus] Amazing grace How sweet thy sound That saved a wretch like me... I once was lost But now am found Was blind But now i see, yeah
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