Damian Marley - Born To Be Wild

Halfway Tree
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Жанр: Reggae
Исполнитель: Damian Marley
Альбом: Halfway Tree
Длительность: 04:01
Размер: 9,24 Мб
Рейтинг: 2455
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Kamo-88
320 Кб/с

Damian Marley - Born To Be Wild

Текст песни "Damian Marley - Born To Be Wild"

CHORUS (Stephen Marley) Said she's born to be wild And she can't be tamed All she wants in life is Fortune and fame So she keeps on moving Moving right along Even though she knows Deep down inside she Knows something is wrong VERSE No idle jubee dem couldn't Cotch pon me pillow Weh a love man for nike And ah love man for fila DatХs not the ways of Ancient war gorilla Me rather den to save all my sasaparilla On a lonesome breezy Sunday morning This maiden came to town Me have to block a sound How she so cute And plus so sexy and so round Sunlight catch her skin and lord It good from head to ground Next candidate me see weh fit Fi wear me crown And such tender smiles amaze me The way that she looks Sunday night She should be having my baby My baby The pleasure was all mine Like yesterday news it's only for a time Always on the go Cause she live a life ah crime She don't want no man fi mind it Di Muffin say dat he couldn't believe I was living so blindly CHORUS VERSE Well no Shandy Strickly imported tequila Vintage brandy Skunk sensimilia Rubies and roses Diamond collar Never me for a money nor a penny nor a dollar She can't go a London Without visa Me can't build me spliff dem Without rizzla Dem say look out the door And you know di weather Me start put two And two together First class flights And she drinks the most expensive wines When she can't maintain Her lifestyle up on minimum wages She needs the coil And just like a stubborn mule I would tell that is all she's worth Well the smuggling and trafficking Of illegal substances is her line of work Me say a good woman ration Most of di gyal dem Get so caught up inna fashion Love vanity dem seem dem love it with a passion Start use dem body For some dirty profession Seem like dem need Spiritual super vision Ital craft And a ital vision Righteous path And righteous decision Instead of the Materialistic religion Else there's gonna be crash course And collision CHORUS VERSE Well then it's all history Me go up on a ends Fi check a one jubilee Di way she rub me down And mek me feel so nice Me say me haffi left And go ah studio go voice Ariana please stay home tonight Ariana please don't take dat flight Smuggling di drugs weh dem supply To di poor Destruction of my people Well then she's got to go Tell her nah fi mix up inna Those tings no more Buyana never mix up inna Those drugs before She said she want fi go up on A smuggling tour She missing gangsta parcel Dem say her skull fi bore She don't have all di dollars Weh fi even the score But she wanna run her own Drug store CHORUS
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