Damian Marley - Give Dem Some Way (feat. Daddigon)

Halfway Tree
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Жанр: Reggae
Исполнитель: Damian Marley
Альбом: Halfway Tree
Длительность: 04:02
Размер: 9,26 Мб
Рейтинг: 938
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Kamo-88
320 Кб/с

Damian Marley - Give Dem Some Way (feat. Daddigon)

Текст песни "Damian Marley - Give Dem Some Way (feat. Daddigon)"

Well den a nuff ghetto youths Dat got no place to go Live night and day roaming In the ghetto Most ghetto youths Aint' got a place of their own Give dem some place So they can call there home And then most politician Telling poor people lies And can't give no answer When di poor people cry We get ignorant We bingy drum dem go rise Gimme some space So I can burn those guys Well most politicians Fighting gainst Rasta troops And making mistake And a tell poor people oops See dem a see dem a flex Like some dapa's and doops Gimme some space To burn di nincompoops Why should ghetto youths dem have to war over cheese wid these big machines That you bring from over seas It burn up dem skin Like some unwanted disease Gimme some space So I can burn dem please Big fire stick weh all a mek certain sound pure gun shot me a here a ring thru the town everybody wanna be the modern day Al Capone gimme some space so I can burn dem down di youths dem a jump to every word that you said when gun shot a bust fi you pickny nuh dead dem vex true we hail King Selassie instead gimme some space and mek I burn dem red nuff gyal a say dem want fi come a stage show and spar wid di stars so dem can jam a front row well nuff gyal a love man just fi di doe gimme some space and mek I burn those hoes CHORUS 2x(Dadigon) Politician used and refused But we won't take no more Never let you take advantage of the poor While di youths dem in the core Crying out for more You hide yourself behind your close door Close door VERSE weh the thugs dem Are ready fi di conquering Lion of Judah Is now wondering How some punks Stand up one side pondering How di youths Find roof to live under in And shine like a diamond twinkling when they see me And di gyal dem mingling Better watch how you Group and singling Better mind who you Feel and fingling We don't join Goose and gandering We don't join Chumpas squandering And the sound of The album cramping him Well we don't play game When dem ramping in Better watch as my Timb boots stomping in Trampling Di camp dem camping in And ah burn out the vampire Vamping in Wi di, red burning lamp within After so much sleep And slumbering Is now wonder di Impress dumping him Youngest veteran Will be pumping in Thumping in The club dem jumping in So wah Tell the people your bumpin in Say wah All mi colleagues dem chumping in After sleepless nights of sampling The results can be life gambling Now don't stop by nor stumble in The jungle Where the royal a rumble in Someone cookie jar will be crumbling And we don't mek room fi no fumbling Well, carefull how your entire in Certain after dark adventuring Cuase you might have to be surrendering Mi sey all those jewels and Benjamin's Weh di thugs dem weh ready Fi di wrangling When the real Gideon Is untangling And a drive inna prestige handling And a practice punk dismantling And a trod go a Binghi di thanks giving Fi go hail up di elders skankin in Fi guidance you thru the world Weh di punks live in Burn the church weh di popes And munks live in Well judgment fi dem tampering When dem grudge Cause a me di gyal pampering Mr. Bean just find and brind her in When dem can't find help nor hindering Cause di man wid Di old big blunt a role Deh yah now fi go burn down Bumbo hole Wid enough fire power Fi di winter cold Weh nuh rise till the revolution unfold
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