The Game - We Ain't

The Best Of Rap 2005 [Part I]
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: The Game
Альбом: The Best Of Rap 2005 [Part I]
Длительность: 04:46
Размер: 8,74 Мб
Рейтинг: 391
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Netan-X
256 Кб/с

The Game - We Ain't

Текст песни "The Game - We Ain't"

Hahahaha, ladies and gentlemen You are now about to witness the strength, Aftermath Straight out the motherfuckin streets of Compton Put yo' hands together.. The Game.. BITCH! HAHAHAHA.. (Yeah! Yeah motherfuckers! Compton's back on the motherfuckin map!) (Aftermath in that ass bitch! Game, let's go!) [The Game] Me and Marshall ain't start shit, they listen to our shit and talk shit about us, but that shit is foul when I'm tryin to feed my son and drop multi-platinum albums Make my mother proud that her son made it out But it's hard when they hate us, and think Em a racist They say shit, but fuck them, Shady one of the greatest Like Biggie and 'Pac was, we saw the throne was empty and decided to chase it, me him and 50 racin This rap shit is basic, I followed that Jay shit Think of what I wanna say, step in the booth, and one take it How could I not sell a million when I'm rappin on Dre hit Then spit that classical L.A. N.W.A. shit The media is bullshit, now we can't even say bitch They accusin Michael of touchin kids in the wrong places At first they embraced him, had a couple of facelifts Now people wanna place him with murderers and rapists They comin I can taste this, swear to God I erase 'em Put the clip in and waste 'em before I go out on that fake shit I'm so sick and tired of this black shit, this white shit So I sit here and write shit, Em they ain't gon' like this So they callin us [Chorus] (We ain't, goin, nowhere, so fuck you) (We ain't, goin, nowhere, so fuck you) [Em] This day, The Game, will never be the same [Dr] Things just ain't the same for gangsters [Em] The Game just isn't the same, it's changin [Em] It's a new Game! You're now about to witness the power [Eminem] Only Dre can, judge me for the mistakes I'm makin If I'm fakin, I'm Clay Aiken {*blam*} You ain't 50 and you ain't Game, you lame you tame bitch Your mind's lost, you ain't ready to make that flame switch You'll end up in the same situation, same shit Different day, just with different gangsters in your face, which way do you wanna face when your brains hit pavement Think of what you'll say to Pastor Ma$e and save it for the day that they got them affadavits wavin in my face lookin for answers, rap senssation Eminem battles to ward off, accusations That he had somebody blasted, the mask of Jason was found at the scene of the task with masking tape And the victim's penis up his ass, a basket case And they ask him to clean up his act, you bastards wastin too much time, me no kiss ass, and if that's the case Then we ain't goin [Chorus] The Game.. [The Game] Lo, get Dre on the phone quick Tell him Em just killed me on my own shit I'm walkin through 8 Mile, startin to get homesick I'ma do Shady numbers, I'm ridin my own dick Yeah the chrome sick, the windows tinted If Eminem is in it, body armor under the panel Ten these niggaz is killin it, take a minute to listen Turn down my Jimi Hendrix, I throw your demo out the window For tellin me it's hot when it's not and you got what you got from them rocks on the block you can stop tellin Dre you got shot with a glock that don't fade me I'm crazy, why the fuck you think I'm rhymin with Shady? I don't care if the radio don't play me; I say what I say when I feel like I'm Phil-in-the-Day And get hard when these bitches see my car in the streets I can't even take my son to cop them G-Unit sneaks So I'm gone bitch [Chorus] The Game.. (Yeahhhhhhhhhh! Oh!!) (Shut yo' ass up, Aftermath motherfucker) (Haha, Game, things changin, Dr. Dre, G-Unit!) (G-G-G-G-G-Unit!)
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