DMX - On Top (feat. Big Stan)

Grand Champ
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Жанр: Hardcore Rap / East Coast Rap
Исполнитель: DMX
Альбом: Grand Champ
Длительность: 03:35
Размер: 8,35 Мб
Рейтинг: 3116
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: dog4life
320 Кб/с

DMX - On Top (feat. Big Stan)

Текст песни "DMX - On Top (feat. Big Stan)"

(feat. Big Stan) [DMX] Uhh.. yeah, uhh Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh - WHAT! [Chorus 2X: DMX + (Big Stan)] We gon' make these cats (WHAT!) STOP! Why they waitin to (WHAT!) GO! We gon' keep it (ON TOP!) ON TOP! Why these cats is like (YO!) AIYYO! [DMX] Song ain't a song without X and the B.S. Earl, Stan - initials E.S. About to shut it down, y'all don't see this? Oh my God (WHAT!) Y'all don't see this? Started with a little, raising the pups Now I'm a home-run hitter, we raising our cups Toastin, to all the roastin we done (UHH) Bite hard, done bit hard but don't run (UHH) My dogs is dogs with official +Bloodlines+ Cats want - mine? X Blood-line? Oh you tryna get hit in the HEAD one time Straight to the body with the whole .29 (WHAT!) It's gon' be whatever it's gon' be (UHH!) And I'm gon' see whatever I'm gon' see (UHH!) And I'm gon' do whatever I'm gon' do So if it's fuck me nigga, then FUCK YOU too! (C'MON!) [Chorus] [Big Stan + (DMX)] Off the chain I'ma run through, walk through, gun do haunt you A gun puts a spark through, no tellin what the hawk do (WHAT!) Only speak for me, no tellin what the Dog do (Dog do what the fuck Dog do, shit!) Yo' crew leave it alone (uh-uh!) You got your eyes on the bone? (uh-uh!) Can't keep your eyes of the throne? (Go on now) With that shit you did (man, c'mon now!) I'm gettin sick of niggaz fuckin with D You fuckin with D? You fuckin with me You fuckin with me? You fuckin with X Fuckin with X? You fuckin with a softball-sized hole up in your vest And the rest? (WHAT!) Ain't nothin to rap about Ain't no ("I ain't mean it!") when the strap is out Ain't no ("Yo, sorry!") when the rats is out Cause the rats don't know shit but POINT MONEY OUT! (UHH!) [Chorus] [DMX] School Street, Moulfred, Whitney Young Been there, lived there, now it's become a place where the face I'm not familiar with These new cats done got me on some "I'MA KILL YOU SHIT!" [Big Stan] And I remember when you came through flyin, a 1-2-9 Scooped ya man up and he signed to the 'Line I got a deal, shit I'm still in the grind (WHAT!) Got the steal, cause shit is still on my mind [DMX] You gots to watch niggaz that you talk to Cause sometimes they talk to you funny, whassup wit'chu money? Oh you think it's sweet? My name must be Honey Funny, 'til you leave with your head bloody [Big Stan] And what he gon' do when a 6-foot-3 430-pound motherfucker come through? (WHAT?) NOTHIN! (C'MON!) Breathe easy! When cats talk slick dogs get GREASY! [Chorus] [Big Stan] WHAT! [DMX] Why these cats is like (YO!) AIYYO!
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