Roy Jones Jr. - That Was Then (feat. Dave Hollister, Perion, Hahz The Rippa)

Round One: The Album
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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Roy Jones Jr.
Альбом: Round One: The Album
Длительность: 04:21
Размер: 9,98 Мб
Рейтинг: 1038
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: FoxySmile
320 Кб/с

Roy Jones Jr. - That Was Then (feat. Dave Hollister, Perion, Hahz The Rippa)

Текст песни "Roy Jones Jr. - That Was Then (feat. Dave Hollister, Perion, Hahz The Rippa)"

feat. Dave Hollister, Hahz the Rippa, Perion [Chorus: Dave Hollister] - 2X That's when I was wylin out I couldn't care less about Someone gettin hurt, I did my share of dirt [Perion] I went from ashy elbows, to loungin on Melrose Stayin in the best suites for weeks In (?) sheets, alone while you cryin at home By the phone, hopin I'll call, everyday that I'm gone (alright) Need connections, to make ends meet ma In both directions, just to stay on my feet (huh) Thinkin bout me when I got mouths to feed A spouse and two seeds (yeah) they need me to eat (that's right) Take out time to check myself Thinkin it wasn't really me, silly me No wonder you can't feel me, thinkin while I'm out I'm cheatin Wylin out and freakin - blacks, whites and peurto ricans While I'm hardly sleepin (me and the kids hardly eatin) Seekin God for help cuz we hardly speakin (that's right) If it took God to bring me home (uh-huh) bring Jerome to see that I was wrong, now David sing the song (uh-huh) [Chorus] - 2X [Hahz the Rippa] Yo, aiyyo I sold drugs, sold coke, weed and dope (whattchu need?) Sold shirts and socks, I even sold soap Got too small for me, I sold my old coat (uh) Walked in jewelry stores, and stole gold ropes (yes I did) Look around, it's no cops, I wanna shoplift but who gon' give me a lift to go shop? (watch out!) Get my rhyme on, clothes I tried on and I walked out with, like the ones I got on (yeah) Commitin crimes, fiends; I was givin 'em dimes Under 25 and was still livin with moms I just love the dough, I gotta get plenty (yo) Used to trick with strippers with counterfeit twenties (whassup) The streets that kept me hungry and left me bummy I sold candy for my school and kept the money (alright) In stolen cars I'm gettin chased -- I had to chill cuz (Dave: I was bout to catch a case!) [Chorus] - 2X [Roy Jones Jr.] Yo I used to go to this chick house, and go to that chick house (come on) Call another chick over, kick the other chick out I wasn't carin about, how none of 'em felt They wanted to hang around me, like one of my belts (alright) But I kept it movin, city to city, kitty to kitty Throughout the states I was fifty for fifty Get it with force, she fine; she could get it of course (alright) Niggaz are warned, she married; she could get a divorce Stayed up the rest of the night, right after the fight Went from room to room, I was boom boom boom (room to room) Fulfill ya fantasies with Roy Jones Jr. (what) Girlfriend or wife, ya better hold on to her (uh) A man's gotta do what he's got to do She's in my hotel room - why she not with you? (alright) It's like three in the mornin, she just stoppin through As she walks in, her trenchcoat was droppin too Light-skinned, long hair, yeah I popped her too Yo I'll send her to ya room soon as Hahz get through That's how we got down, I done stopped now My mayne Peri' got a brother on lock down (on lock down!)
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