Roots Manuva - Too Cold

Marc Ecko's Getting Up - OST [Full]
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Жанр: Нет данных
Исполнитель: Roots Manuva
Альбом: Marc Ecko's Getting Up - OST [Full]
Длительность: 03:31
Размер: 2,41 Мб
Рейтинг: 1372
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: AOTM
96 Кб/с

Roots Manuva - Too Cold

Текст песни "Roots Manuva - Too Cold"

(Intro) T, Too Cold, T, T, T, Too Cold. (Chorus) I'm too cold, I'm too cold, I'm too cold I'm too old, I'm too old, I'm too old And it shows, and it shows, and it shows And you know, and you know, and you know Sometimes I hate myself, sometimes I love myself Sometimes I hate myself, sometimes I love myself Ah where the fuck man? We can't stay brup man We never stuck man We on the up man I do my nut man Puke up my gut man I'm a such and such man I don't know much man I pay my dues man Now I'm confused man Scabby vampires wanna run, come along come use man The same old news man We bring the blues man My baby left me because I wouldn't buy new shoes man We win or lose man Don't ask me for a twos man Buy your own fags man Mind you get stabbed man Don't you see that we some big broad bad man Born and bred in this big bored bad land Known all over the world as a mad man Life is hard but it's just too bad man (Chorus) I spoke with my money This ain't a joke money Banana boat money Banana vote money Food on a plate money Real or fake money Lose or take money At times I hate money It's money that makes money makes people act funny Civilized men start to act gunny gunny Take your life in a second with the right kind of money Life in the west we obsessed by money Mind how you worship, you can't be blessed by money I do the best with all my money Progress with my money Invest with my money Touch breasts with my money Get sex with my money Get vexxed with my money Respect for my money means I feed my tummy Blessed be my pound, get my food down dummy (Chorus) Rhyme squalor from the school of the hooligan Backing out the tool once you get too hectic Smacking up the bwan turn the bwan is epilectic I'm on some next shit Dudes respect it I'm the eclectic Known for my eccentric You can't prevent this I'm the God blessed God sent this Uk rhyme saviour, no never quite That was just some media totallaty hype I ain't the best MC, or the worst MC But I got certification I'm the first MC I flip the flip, the new flip, the old flip I zip my lip but I still zip my... Get drunk quick Don't done this shit That's the bwan Smith Nothing to prove Mad at the moon Now they too long to tune Loving these boobs (?) Seen too many crews with all of my views Roots Manuva who the hell is it, MC, MC And furthermore that's the only MC The only MC (Chorus) (Outro)
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