PackFM - Click, Clack & Spray

Marc Ecko's Getting Up - OST [Full]
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Жанр: Нет данных
Исполнитель: PackFM
Альбом: Marc Ecko's Getting Up - OST [Full]
Длительность: 04:31
Размер: 3,1 Мб
Рейтинг: 1543
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: AOTM
96 Кб/с

PackFM - Click, Clack & Spray

Текст песни "PackFM - Click, Clack & Spray"

[Mecca:] Yo Pack, you see that cat playin' you close, son? [PackFM:] Where? [Mecca:] Right there, son! [PackFM:] Oh man, what?! [Mecca:] Son, you know we don't allow that [PackFM:] Yeah, we gonna take him out tonight, son [Mecca:] No doubt. [Hook:] Take a walk with me, we goin all city Black hat, gloves, flat black's all you need Krylon, Rusto', a Pilot, a silver Touch Tone My name is famous, my face - unknown [x2] [Verse 1:] This is how it goes, late night, early AM Sky's pitch black, reach in the bag, Click-Clack Then I start sprayin' Paint the wall red, before the cap hits the floor I'm runnin' from the law There's a alley closeby, I can tell by the stench Shortcut to the park, I'm hidin' under the bench First my kicks was muddy, now all my gear, too? ...Shhh - somebody might hear you Can't make a sound, cuz they just might find me Can't move an inch, there's dog shit right behind me Damn! This shit is grimey It's like I'm an A&R and all these walls are rappers screamin' out "Sign Me" Hold up - gotta let these pigs pass.. [Cop 1:] He's gotta be here somewhere, we gotta catch his ass [Cop 2:] Eh, so what? It's just a bunch of paper work [Cop 1:] You know what? You're right, and I'm tired. Let's go get some donuts Cops got tired of waitin', no match for my patience I think I'll be safe and head in to the train station And you know I ain't payin', but no need for creepin' This time of night the lady in the booth is always sleepin' 9 times outta 10, the platform is empty Poles freshly painted and it really looks tempting But tonight I got a feeling like somebody's out to get me I reach for my marker, but my instincts won't let me White guy, by himself - don't care when the train's comin? Just don't add up, allow me to explain somethin' This guy's an undercover, disguised to bring you under No lies, I seen 'em hover, Just tryin to warn you, brotha Here comes the train, dip into the last car Put my name everywhere, even where the maps are And nothin' leaves a mark like Griffin Shoe Polish By the time we hit the next stop, the whole car's demolished Time to exit proceed with a purpose My canvas, a surface most people deem as worthless Pop the krylon top, no need to steal, I purchase You find that funny? I'm spendin' rap money Anyway, cop a squat, got a nice spot - the rooftop Won't stop till the sun's up and my name's seen from 2 blocks You know what they say, fame is the name of the game So clear the way when you hear the click, clack, and the spray [Hook] [Verse 2:] Shouts to Chino BYI, Fatal NFO Smith & Sane, Cost & Revs and Astro Reese RFC, Sack ACV, Shama R5B The squad was TVT 5MH, literally 5 million heads Shouts to Ewok, my first crew - SNF T-Kid, Cope FC, Sonic and Web JA, TKA, Seek and SEV Seer, Daze, Kez-5 and Chez Ere, Sever ATC and Tez Females held it down, Lady Pink, Miss Maggs Take a walk with me, we bout to catch some tags... [Hook] Take a walk with me Let's take a walk [x8]
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