Stevie Wonder - Ordinary Pain

Songs In The Key Of Life
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Жанр: R'n'B / Pop / Soul
Исполнитель: Stevie Wonder
Альбом: Songs In The Key Of Life
Длительность: 06:16
Размер: 14,35 Мб
Рейтинг: 2174
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: timurmongol
320 Кб/с

Stevie Wonder - Ordinary Pain

Текст песни "Stevie Wonder - Ordinary Pain"

When by the phone In vain you sit You very soon in your mind realize that it's not just An ordinary pain in your heart When you by chance Go knock on her door Walkin' away you're convinced that it's much more Than just an ordinary pain in your heart It's more than just An ordinary pain in your heart When you catch up But she says goodbye Hold back your tears and before you start to cry Say you feel unnecessary pain in your heart Tell her you're glad It's over in fact Can she take with her the pain she brought you back Takin that ordinary pain from your heart It's more than just An ordinary pain from your heart Don't fool yourself But tell no one else That it's more than just An ordinary pain In your heart In your heart In your heart Part ii You're just a masachistic fool Because you knew my love was cruel You never listened when they said Don't let that girl go to your head But like a play boy you said no Or*di*nary pain This little girl mind you will blow Or*di*nary pain But then I blew you out the box Or*di*nary pain When I put my stuff on key and lock Or*di*nary pain It makes me feel kind of sick Or*di*nary pain To know love put you in a trick Or*di*nary pain I knew our love would have to end Or*di*nary pain The day I made it with your friend Or*di*nary pain Giving your love to one unreal Or*di*nary pain Like a big fool I know you feel Or*di*nary pain But in this lovie-dovie game Or*di*nary pain With all it's joy there must be pain Or*di*nary pain But now the time has surely come Or*di*nary pain This game don't seem like so much fun Or*di*nary pain You're cryin big corcodile tears Or*di*nary pain Don't match the ones I've cried for years Or*di*nary pain When I was home wainting for you Or*di*nary pain You were out somewhere doing the do Or*di*nary pain You know I'd really like to stay Or*di*nary pain But like you did I've go to play Or*di*nary pain You're dumb to think I'd let you be Or*di*nary pain Scott free without some pain from me Or*di*nary pain I heard your song and took a chance Or*di*nary pain But to your music I can't dance Or*di*nary pain Go tell your story 'sob-sad' Or*di*nary pain About you blowin what you had Or*di*nary pain Since one ain't good enough for you Or*di*nary pain Then do yourself see how you do Or*di*nary pain Or*di*nary pain Or*di*nary pain Or*di*nary pain Or*di*nary pain Or*di*nary pain
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