Gravediggaz - From The Darkside

Tales From The Hood - OST / Истории квартала - Саундтрек
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Gravediggaz
Альбом: Tales From The Hood - OST / Истории квартала - Саундтрек
Длительность: 03:48
Размер: 8,72 Мб
Рейтинг: 582
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Stinkin_Masta
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Gravediggaz - From The Darkside

Текст песни "Gravediggaz - From The Darkside"

Intro: Yeahhh This is a story That there are deep, situations, everybody go through in life (It's something that we go through) You know, it's that inside part of you that you don't tell nobody about You know what I'm saying From that inside, that dark space inside you (It's something that we go through) From that darker, that inner side of you It's from the dark side Verse One: Fruitkwan/Gate Keeper Pow pow! No more knocks at your doors It's just about to explode, hit the floor! I come from a drip of blood shedding Spreading, my heading, straight from Armageddeon It's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide Once you get slapped by the dark side I was attacked, not clever to react Small as a peep, I was deep in solar facts My escapade level swelled Threw up, fell I grew up, five blocks from Hell I'm used to seeing the grass grow black Meddlers pushing peddlers kids that pushed cracks Murderers leavin they traces Ya wasted, permitted destroying the human races Fuckit I'm bringin ruckus To brothers an APB out on the next Fredrick Douglass I'm sort of a saint, you think I ain't With skills to paint, with my third eye You're tranked... ...from the dark side Interlude: Prince Rakeem/Ryzarector We expressing feelings, we expressing our dark feelings So my feelings may be deeper than his or his feelings may be deeper than mines But it's all in the expressing of a feeling (from the dark side) Chorus: Too Poetic/Grym Reaper You, are dumb, and deaf, and blind You, are dumb, and deaf, and blind You, are dumb, and deaf, and blind You're dumb AND deaf AND blind Verse Two: Too Poetic/Grym Reaper In a time when every creature large and small shall fall I'm using Revelations, as my crystal ball I see More hordes of warlords who so hard they bogard The graveyard terrain, scar tissues of brains Beyond illuminating soon the Illuminati platoons Of Satan lay waiting to slay men Save your, amens, awaken The reason that Grym is gone I escape through your synagogues And gave the Egyptians, ancient Inscriptions Leaks into Christians, turn all the facts into fictions Here comes the Reaper with a shock to your system I chop religions that concoct the vision Feel the incision of the sword that's piercing your third eye Coming straight from the dark side ...from the dark side Chorus Gravediggaz... the dark side Coming to take you... ...from the dark side back to the light ...from the dark side You're in the dark side (yeah) We're in the dark side You're in the dark side We're in the dark side You're in the dark side They're in the dark side We're all in the dark side You're dumb and deaf and blind (it's something that we goin through) (from the dark side) You're dumb and deaf and blind You're dumb and deaf and blind In the dark side Yeah, Gravediggaz
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