Fort Minor - Tools Of The Trade

Militia EP
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Жанр: Hip-Hop / Rap-Rock
Исполнитель: Fort Minor
Альбом: Militia EP
Длительность: 03:25
Размер: 4,69 Мб
Рейтинг: 637
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Rikoshet3
192 Кб/с

Fort Minor - Tools Of The Trade

Текст песни "Fort Minor - Tools Of The Trade"

[Intro: Mike] Alright you guys, listen. Right here I got some paper, a toothbrush, this is a lighter, a bottle of beer, this is a bottle opener, and a pot from a kitchen. (Clears throat) Alright you ready? Let’s go. Aye, maybe this doesn't sound quite right yet, so I'mma add some kicking snare just like this. Ha ha ha ha Yeah And I got this guitar part, I'll play this guitar part over it like this. You feeling that? And do we just leave that? And why don't we, why don't we just bring in a little bit of bass just like this? Yeah I'll get the snare to go Pop Pop Yeah Just take it, take the bass out right here like this. Yeah, and this is where we just bring in the verse. [Mike] I can make a loop out of anything work I'm just surprised you guys didn't think of this shit first... But f**k it! You can't touch yours truly You can hardly follow me Much less move me, so When I'm pumping the track You punks in the back better jump when I ask you, bastards [Ryu] Yeah, you got it backwards and misconstrued See I roll like the rat pack groups included In the backpack with the gas mask in Munich 20 deep in a hatchback puffing Cubans [Mike] You wanna rap, get the lab track cue, let's do this But not on this track You can't afford it, stupid! [Tak] Somebody call for the doc quick He's still on the street top He gotta freaking stain on my high top Reebok's Snatched off the velcro and choked him with it My headphones rub my neck where I coach you chickens (baaaacock!) Machine Shop packs lots of tunes Like Paul Wall mixed tapes leave you chopped and screwed The mess too wild? The yes boys popping their Gats (yaps?) Yeah, can you hear me now? Good, get off my sack [Celph Titled] Yo, MC am I People call me Celph I got the key to every young bitches chastity belt You clicking even pussy Better yet they beaver I'm gonna leave it to ya heavy With this nine millimeter [Ryu (sexy girl voice)] Yo, I see you chillin' in that cherry beemer Have you ever met a man with canary fever? I ain't talkin' 'bout a piss colored diamond either, word I'm eatin' birds outta sittin' on your finger You can teach 'em how to speak Say "Polly want a cracker?" Take 'em to the beach Play volleyball after a little snack... champagne and pasta... We don't gotta run fast, girl, I know you got asthma [Tak] Yeah, sippin' on jack of diamonds, Blowin' smoke rings, Chillin' with the pack of Heina's Your hands to the sky Get a crunk for fun I'm so goddamn high I could punch the sun [Mike (British accent)] Oy... honestly I doesn't even matter if I use this voice It'd still f**k up you and your boys So piss off, mate See? I do what I want Cause your whole bloody lots Just a bunch of c*nts [Ryu] See right now Celph Titled supposed to be in the booth; [Tak] But he's stuck inside a toilet getting ready to puke; [Mike] And he drank a bunch of sisco, vodka, and rum; [Tak] So Cheapshot's gonna drop Celph's verse Here it comes [Celph Titled] Find me in the sandwich Gonna roll with the stutter Rolling with a cutter Abuse your mother On a road trip to Barbados with their hoes I'm a hoodrat with a Winnebago I make dough On the block where the bullies where raised to partier You in Idaho grazing pastures getting busy I don't hold acts unless for something get busy On the ground I like the bear, And I stay my grizzly [Ryu in the background] You can stay the f**k in the bathroom, homie!
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