Ja Rule - Passion

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Жанр: Rap
Исполнитель: Ja Rule
Альбом: R.U.L.E
Длительность: 08:37
Размер: 19,92 Мб
Рейтинг: 1005
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Partizan
320 Кб/с

Ja Rule - Passion

Текст песни "Ja Rule - Passion"

[Chorus] Nobody loves me Sometimes the world can seem so cold Looking through the windows of my soul I've seen the truth and now I know (I know, I know, I know) Y'all gotta love me When the weight of the world was on my shoulders You were there When it got heavy, I held it You were there The ones that stood by me like soldiers You were there I know you love me [Verse One] But I'm still waiting for the Lord to come hug me Send a sign or somethin' Is it all for nothin' The talent and Passion of mine I'm sick of sufferin' I know your plans is greater than mine So I'm asking Why do you want me dead or alive And how could you let the people see me through the enemy's eyes Like, jealousy, envy, Feds wanna convict Gotti I'm thinking probably we was gettin' too much money Too many niggaz in whips sittin' on 20's Too much connections to the streets, y'all niggaz doin' somethin' And after overall assumptions, or it's all or nothin' Ain't nothin' stopping the second coming, except the coffin I may be incased, but even from there I still touch 'em niggaz ain't promised tomorrow, that's why we still hustle For all my niggaz that can't be here For every tear, send me a prayer, I swear [Chorus] I Know You Love Me [Verse Two] But what's love, when your friends become enemies Your nightmares are no longer your worst dreams And as bad as everything seems Keep hustling We gon' get it by any means How unfortunate, January the sixth Federal officers, raided our offices Making it hard for us to eat, to breathe, to live And they swear they got niggaz thats informing them They've been handin' down indictments for about a year And they aint sent nobody to jail yet, we still in the clear In the Bible it says, "Thou shall not fear no man but God" Whoever said that, ain't never faced the law And why all this FED probings going on I'm fighting niggaz, swingin' back against the wall That's for my niggaz that can't be here For every tear, send me a prayer, I swear [Chorus] I Know You Love Me [Verse Three] How could you hate me, why would the Lord forsake me With the weight of the world on my shoulders Im thinkin' I could brush it off and nobody notice Keep raisin' my kids: Brittney, Jeffry, and Jordan Keep coppin' new whips: Bentleys, Benzes, and Porshes My niggaz, and my fans is the only thing of importance It's crazy how the world turns Sometimes, you gotta light up and let it burn Sweep up your ashes, put 'em up in a urn On a mantle for memories I hear you callin' me, Lord knows you love me The Passion of Rule is so real, just lend me your ear You'll feel what I feel, you'll tear when I tear The vision's real clear, just look in my eyes I believe in putting my life in the hands of God For all my niggaz that can't be here For every tear, send me a prayer, I swear [Chorus] I Know You Love Me [Outro] You know..... I give love to all my niggaz Murder Inc. fam, my nigga Gotti, what up nigga I nigga Prim, we with you niggaz Been with a nigga, roll with a nigga My whole carreer and shit All the fans, fucking with a nigga All my Rocafella, Terror Squad niggaz My Def Jam fam, my Ruff Ryder niggaz Dessert Storm niggaz, Bad Boy niggaz Thugged Out Milatainment niggaz My Slip-n-Slide fam, my Rap-a-Lot mafia niggaz What up Prince? My niggaz from The Source My fam, my nigga Zino, what's happenin' playa Dave. All my niggaz at radio, retail, all the DJ's You know what it is. All my Boston niggaz, Atlanta niggaz All my New York niggaz, what's happenin' you know All my niggaz down in Houston, Primo, down in Detroit All my L.A. niggaz, L.A. My D
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