Nate Dogg - There She Goes

Nate Dogg
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Жанр: Hip-Hop
Исполнитель: Nate Dogg
Альбом: Nate Dogg
Длительность: 04:12
Размер: 5,78 Мб
Рейтинг: 665
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: Vizy
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Nate Dogg - There She Goes

Текст песни "Nate Dogg - There She Goes"

Oh yeah I chill with Nate, Like I did as a youth It's still 213, ain't nothin different with Snoop Music is the tool I used to leave the hood with Became my own man, I wish you would BITCH I been around the world and back Two times ain't nuthin like home its crackin After all the women, the money and the TV shows I'm not really tryin to see these hoes [DJ Quik] Now AMG said her eyes are the index to her soul But when I look at her face, all I see is a ho We sex playin, with the Hennessey, and she in the mood While y'all see her as a broad dude, I see her as food Take her back up to the bar to get her cigerette lit I told her, "I be buyin liqour like it Shh.." She told me I'm a player motherfuu.. Forget about it, she know the scam And now she belly dancin to that Indian Jam So hell, I'm a let her get a little more buzzed Till she starts to get to slurrin and forget where she was Take her purse out to her buddy car, back to the bar For another round of drinks with a pla-ti-num star I'm gettin conceded, a lil bit, the game owe me I've been humble since my first hit, but back to baby I'm a rub her on the belly, make her scoot down the couch Look her right up in her eyes, and take some food out her mouth, She want it [Chorus: Nate Dogg] There she goes, the kind of girl that I wanted always My favorite pro, oh I love how she got gangsta ways I thought you should know, the way that I want it, I get it that way Cant stand it no mo', nobody does it better than she [Nate Dogg] When I Wake up in the morning, fresh up outta my dream I ain't even finish yawning, still as hard as I can be Even tho I havent found her, I seen her when I was asleep I'm pretty sure that she is out there I'm pretty sure that there is some one else for me [Bridge: Nate Dogg] Hey ho, Hey ho, now that I found you, I wont look any further Hey ho, Hey ho, now that I found you, I wont look any further [Chorus] [Nate Dogg] The first time I ever saw her, I couldnt look her in her face I tried hard to ignore her, but I couldnt walk away When I finally got the courage, I couldnt think of what to say To make a long story shorter, I better bust a different way I was at the park one day, thats when I saw her face She was kinda cavi to me Had some nigga hangin on, I sent that busta home And now she ridin with me.. THERE SHE GOES!!! More lyrics: All about Nate Dogg:
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