Stephen Marley - Hey Baby

NBA Live 2008 - OST
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Жанр: OST
Исполнитель: Stephen Marley
Альбом: NBA Live 2008 - OST
Длительность: 03:52
Размер: 3,54 Мб
Рейтинг: 2359
Текст песни: Есть
Загрузил: mad_dogg
128 Кб/с

Stephen Marley - Hey Baby

Текст песни "Stephen Marley - Hey Baby"

[Stephen Marley] (Verse) I’ve been gone awhile away from you And I hope you overstand That I’ve got to do what I must do To be a better man Cuz if I was to just to act a fool Do nothing with myself Then all my blessings would be cursed My world would crumble in It’s a joy when I sit down and Think of the good times that we have And what we do to make it through When the good turns to bad Well I hope you’ll find it in your heart And know these words are true And please don’t fuss Because I must go do what I must do [Stephen Marley] (Chorus) Hey baby don’t you worry Even though the road is rocky I’ll be coming home to you again Cuz if you thought that I was lost I had to bare my cross Now I’m free from all these Chains [Stephen Marley] (Verse) A time, a space, a different place How perfect we might be I would be the wind that blows You’d be that Willow tree And I could never bare the thought of you not by my side So I would be the warmth of day You’d be the cool of night And everyday I pray to Jah that one day you will see And overstand the fact I must fulfill my destiny I hope you’ll find it in your heart and know these words are true And please don’t cry You know that I must do what I must do (Chorus) [Stephen Marley] (Bridge) Well and it’s not easy Jah knows how I try, I try So don’t you get irie Jah knows how I try, I try [Mos Def] (Verse) God knows... Life is one big road With a lot of signs and turns & twists and curves Even though the road is rocky My main thing's to rock and keep on rockin' From city to city Backyard to yard And we be seein' the sights, standin' under the lights And the spot is hot, it's cold and lonely at night And I'm feenin' and I'm dreamin' and I'm holding you tight But hold on, every single road I roll on Comes to an end and I'm back home again So baby please don't cry, there's no valley low and there's no mountain high And our love don't die with the passage of time It just grows more, And just keep strong And even though i'm gone, I am never too far You're the light thru the dark, shining right thru my heart So my journey must start... (Chorus)
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